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[Vid]Jeong Hoon wishing fans a Happy New Year 2014

Video in Korea:

What he was saying:
"안녕하세요. 김정훈 입니다. 어느새 2014년이
훌쩍 다가왔습니다. 나이를 먹는게 씁쓸하지만
그래도 내년 2014년에는 2013년보다 더욱
행복하고 좋은 일들이 저와 팬분들에게 가득했으면
좋겠습니다. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! "

Another video of him wishing in Chinese:


Videos before and after the Dinner show

Jeong Hoon's Merry Christmas message to fan:

John Hoon's thanks message after the Dinner show:


More photos of BTS Dinner show

John Hoon and Tomoki san, again <_<

At Tokyo:

At Nagoya:

From Tomoki Fujiwara san's ameblo


Photos from Tokyo Dinner show 2013.12.21

Not on-stage photos, but BTS photos of John Hoon and MC Tomoki Fujiwara, from his ameblo:


A big photo of TOWA Photobook season 3 vol 1

He looks so handsome !!
Wish I could be that coffee cup :-D

From Kim Jeong Hoon FanCafe fb


"Memorial Night With John-Hoon" Special Goods

The Dinner Shows "Memorial Night With John-Hoon" will start this Thursday December 19th, then it continues in Osaka and Nagoya.

Credit to junghoonchina fb



"Love on tiptoe" poster

"Love on tiptoe" is currently being broadcasted in China, you can see its information here:

From and

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