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Special event for TOWA 2 readers: Camping with John Hoon


Special camping event "Making Memories with John-Hoon ~ TOWA 2" will hold from May 25th til May 27th at Busan.


Part 1: Mini sports day of spring with John-Hoon
Football, kid games etc.
Venue: Busan Gymnasium indoor stadium

Part 2: Awards Ceremony and After Party
Tournament "TOWA" the annual quiz and games, awards ceremony, banquet

More benefit:

1. Photo taking with John Hoon: We do a commemorative photo of all the participants and the organizations shooting teams
2. Original T-shirt gift: T-shirts will be handed out at the site
3. Gift to all participants by hand from John-Hoon!

Fee: 89,800円(yen) /person, including flight ticket from Japan

※ The contents of this tour and the event is subject to some changes.
※ For details, please refer to the following reservations HP.

Booking start at April 4th on this address


[News] Kim Jeong Hoon will attend concert at Zhejiang Xitang

Kim Jeong Hoon will attend concert event at Zhejiang xitang China on 2013/05/18
Source :

Oh, I know the 3 stars in the front of the poster :D


John Hoon's message on TOWA website

He looks very pretty in the traditional costume :)



[Cap]2013.03.21 John Hoon Step by step #1

Captures from jh-rico's blog and johnhoon46's blog

 Click on the pícs for full size

John Hoon looks handsome in every kind of outfit ^^


CeCi 姐妹 Magazine 2013

I like the lighting in these pics :)

Click on the pic for full size
From psyche nim, as tag


TOWA Season 2 vol 3 Cover

Pretty Jeong Hoon in spring ^^

There will soon be information about a camping event for subscribers of Towa series and Jeong Hoon :)

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