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2011.5.27 "We need romance" BTS pics

Kim Jeong Hoon and Cho Yeo Jeong, the main couple:

Source: tvN site

2011.8.24 Shanghai concert

Source: From

Hello! This is Mersenne.
The China concert, which was postponed before, is now confirmed.
August 24, at Shanghai's Hongkou Stadium, Jeong Hoon will re-start the activity in China by participating in the concert.
Please come a lot and support.

Translated by Kappa Sub


Original post:

안녕하세요! 메르센입니다.

주최사의 사정으로 연기되었던 중국 공연이 확정되었습니다.

8월24일 상해 홍코우 경기장에서 김정훈씨의 중국 공연이 열립니다.

팬여러분들의 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.


[Mag] Asian Place, July issue

Young and fresh pictures of Jeong Hoon ^^

Credit 豆町 @junghoonchina

Updates about drama "We need romance"

Broadcast date: from June 13th on, at 11 pm
Press conference: June 3rd
Episodes: 16
tvN site:

Jeong Hoon will play the role of a movie director, name Kim Seong Soo.

Picture credit to 나뉘 @dclily


2011.6.16 JH participating in Chariry concert in Japan

Name: "I love Japan" concert
Time: 2011 June 16th
Place: Budokan Hall, Tokyo
Participants: Many idols, including John Hoon

All of the ticket benefit will be donated to Japanese Red Cross for earthquake victims.
Please come and support together.

Source: junghoonchina

I'm sure Japanese fans are so glad to see John Hoon again ^^


JH's photo from tvN channel

His stills in the drama "We need romance":

Credit: junghoonchina

John Hoon's Sweet propose (Part 1)

This part is about Seoul fanmeeting's behind-the-scene.
JH sang Queen's "Love of my life" !!

Source: thanks to shirowan san

"We need romance" Video!!


From snowfoxgmail @youtube

A BTS video of the drama:

From snjxp @youtube

Did I hear an actress mentioning "Sex" in the trailer? O____O

JH's picture from "We need romance"

Do you see where he is in this picture?


KJH's another Movie!

After finishing drama "We need romance",
Jeong Hoon will act in another movie, named "펀치라인" ("Punch line"?)
Shooting period: 2011.5 ~ 2011.8
Release date: 2011.11
Cast: Kim Jeong Hoon, Yoo Dong Gun, Yoon Jin Seo,..
(Female lead not choosen yet, they are auditionning for it)
Theme: Father and son's conflict

Jeong Hoon will play the role of "an aspiring singer", with a high possibility it's a hip-hop singer :D
The title "펀치라인" (Punch line) is a hip-hop term,
and the original title of this movie is "홍대 힙합 가수의 좌충우돌 코믹 가족 이야기"
("Hongdae clumsy comic family story of hip-hop artists"?)

Source: dclily

2011.5.15 Mnet Pick up star Video

A very funny video to watch,
you can see a glimpse of Jeong Hoon's "action scene" :D

Where to watch:
Shirowan's site


Drama "We need romance" poster

Source: lovejeonghoon

The main actress Jo Yeo Jeong has worked with Jeong Hoon before, in a CF of Vitamin ^^

Pics: DJ Hoon from Kiss the radio 2011.5.11

He doesn't look much different from the DJ pics of UN days ^^

KBS host (the girl) said that "here is a tall, handsome, gentle man: Kim Jeong Hoon ssi.
He was so professional as a DJ, so the radio program went smoothly."

The host feel grateful to JH's fans for sending tasty snack to the radio crew:

Source: KBS


[Eng]Strong heart Translation

Trans by Ling@junghoonchina

At first they let JH sing 'Pado', but JH just sang one sentence. So cute!
A curly hair artist said, don't be too hard on him, cause this song was popular 6 years ago... (then he sang one sentence and ended)

Then Hodong praised JH about achieving top then in the chart even when he was in the military service and didn't advertise much. Also about JH had more votes than Bae Yong Joon and became the number 1 Korean Star (Hanlyu star)

Then there was another star who proved that JH is really a great Korean star.
He said that he carried on JH's radio show. Once in a show, JH apologised because he accidently made noise while sitting on a chair.
Later JH resigned and the team received a chair mailed from Japan = =
So Hodong asked JH: how is your seat?
JH answered: there is some sound, the other artists in the programme also said that their chair has some noise.
Hodong said this might influence JH, then the audience said that their chair can shake...

Today JH's topic is about 'the sound of explosion in midnight'
JH said while he was in the military service, about June in Cheorwon, the military was in an intense condition, which means that anything might happen.
One night about 4am, suddenly there was a huge sound 'BANG' coming out, everybody woke up.
Some teammates wore their hats and uniform to get ready for order, but waited for 5 mins and nothing happened, so they went to bed again
The next day the monitor asked the soldiers who were doing duty that night whether they were making jokes, but they all denied.
Then where did the sound come from??
Actually only JH knows the answer...
It's because that day JH was so tired and ate a lot, so......
As JH described, because it came out spontaneously, his bottom was shocked as well...... (He's really not caring his image = =)
It was really powerful, so loud that he frightened to wake up
And he eye contacted with the teammates who also woke up, but he also asked: what's going on??
(Such a hilarious story, hahahahahahaha~~~)

JH said he wants to throw away hypercritisism, so he thinks it is alright to talk about this in the show.
Now he is around 32, 33 years old (then people asked him how old he exactly is)
JH said 32.5 years old!!!
Then JH mentioned about the 'Signing incident'.
There was a female fan murmuring about JH not sincerely enough because he wrote her name first..
(This happened last year, there was a video with english subs in which JH explained it more clearly,
I will post it later.)

But the 32.5-year-old JH heard exactly what she said, and then he asked her: what were you saying?!'
At last the fan apologised and said she didn't mean that...
Hodong then asked, you would really argue with a fan?!?! Hahahahaha~~~

He said as he is growing older, his patience is vanishing...
(Such a horrible JH!!! )

Later they praised JH about his intelligence and IQ.
He said this is a burden to him, because this was years ago.
Everytime there is a report about him, no matter it is about fan meeting or drama or singing, the article would always mention about his IQ
Hodong asked him was JH gifted on studying?
He said it was after middle school.
He suddenly got No. 1 at school for the first exam.
Maybe because he had his haircut, it was just like going to war, so he started to take it serious.

Seunggi said he had seen JH winning twice on a Japanese maths show before, and he was the representative of Korea! (Everyone was surprised)

Hodong asked JH whether he would practice maths very often?
JH said he just enjoyed maths. Sometimes if he sees numbers on a car plate, he would think about the numbers, and turn them into formulas.
If he couldn't solve them using regular formulas, then he would use 'root' (this scared Hodong)
Seunggi asked Hodong what 'root' is, Hodong said he is an expert on food

Finally a female artist said she likes smart people, but JH's look is not her type, then the CG gave JH a very cute special effect.

The woman said because she didn't like double-fold eyelids, and also handsome guys.
Then a female senior said, you should stand in JH's position, and this made everybody laugh...

You can watch videos of Strong heart (nonsub) here:


JH's pic on filming set 2011.5.5

JH and the child actor who plays his role in the childhood ^^

Source: junghoonchina


2011.5.6 JH's message on cyworld

English trans:

The first message arrive after being discharged

Hello! This is Jeong Hoon.
I returned home yesterday after Japan fan meeting.
Showing up in front of you fans after two years, I felt very nervous.
But by a power of love from my fans, the fanmeeting was accomplished smoothly.
Because of drama and film shooting schedule, I'm having a busy time ~
As soon as filming finishes, it would be nice to see you fans again soon!
In China, in Southeast Asia, I want to meet my fans too.
This year, next year, so many things are being planned.
You have waited for a long time but I will recompense you with my better image.
From the fan meeting I said
"Love is the memory of encounter!"
Those words are from the bottom of my heart.
Always take care! Til we meet again ~ bye!
Love you ~ ~ ~

Korean original message from Jeong Hoon:

제대 후 첫 편지가 도착했습니다

안녕하세요! 정훈입니다.

어제 일본 팬미팅을 잘 마치고 어제 귀국했습니다.

마지막 공연한지가 2년이 지나서 많이 긴장하고 떨렸는데 팬분들에 사랑의 힘으로 무사히 잘 마칠수 있었습니다.

요즘 드라마 및 영화 촬영때문에 바쁜 시간을 보내고 있는데요~

촬영이 끝나는대로 팬분들을 다시 빨리 만났으면 좋겠네요!

그리고, 중화권이나 동남아권 팬분들도 빨리 보고싶고요...

올해 그리고, 내년 정말 많은 일들을 기획하고 있습니다.

늘 말씀드리는거지만 오랫동안 기다려준 당신들게 멋진 모습으로 꼭 보답하겠습니다.

팬미팅에서 말 했는데요~

"사랑은 만남이 가져다준 기억!"

이라는 말이 너무나 크게 와닿는 것 같습니다.

늘 건강하시고요!!! 다시 만날 그날까지~~~ 안녕히 계세요!


Japan fanmeeting Report 2011.5.4

Here is what I experienced in Jeong Hoon's Japan fanmeeting 2011.05.04:

On 5.3 morning, I arrived at Narita airport.
My friend picked me up, and she said
"Today John Hoon is coming to Tokyo too. At Haneda airport.
Do you want to go there NOW ?"

That's great, let's go. Immediately.
We took a bus to Haneda airport.
There was traffic jam on the route, we were worried that JH might arrive before us.
But fortunately, JH arrived at about 14:30,
we even had time for a small fan lunch before seeing him.

There was a Korean boyband coming too, same time with Jeong Hoon.
A very young boyband, name "There", or "Their", or something like that?
So we JH's fan and Their fans were lining up together, holding flowers and gifts for our idol.

JH came out first.
He wore the same blue suit that he'd had in "Strong heart" show.
With sunglasses, with his fringe down, so cool ne ~

We heard he were tired because of drama's filming.
Luckily he didn't wear a mask this time, we can see his whole gorgeous face ^^

JH smiled to fans, then went off quicly, left us with a lingering handsome image.
The sky started to rain (ha ha!)
It rained until 5.5 when JH left Tokyo.
His rain-man power is that strong?

On 5.4 afternoon,
we came to the fanmeeting early, queuing to buy Crossone's goods etc.
I'll skip the details, until 18:00, when JH appeared on the stage.
He was already sweating from the first moment he stepped out.
What did they do to him? (kkk)

JH sang "Rainy flash" with a warm and emotional voice.
We all sang together with him.
JH said, this is the first time he watched "Rainy flash" PV.
At its release time, he was inside the army and couldn't watch.
He adore the actor in the PV, who is very handsome in his opinion.
Well, what I want to know is, does JH adore the actress in the PV ?

JH then spoke with the MC in a very interesting conversation,
which I didn't understand any words, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.
As his Japanese vocabulary is not enough to express his ideas,
JH used many facial expressions and body gestures.
He frowned, he winked, he smirked, he waves, he pouted,..
altogether very lively and lovely ^^

MC asked about his recent watched/favorite movie, and he said "Jane Eyre"
(a famous English novel and film)
MC didn't understand, she asked it again, and JH insisted "Jane Eyre!"
MC still didn't got it.
JH asked in English:
"You don't know it?"
MC answered, in english too:
"I don't know it."
Then, JH exclaim in a funniest voice:
"Oh my god~"
Haha, I had a good laugh at this small dialogue.

JH sang the song "If I.." from his new Single album.
After singing, he asked Japanese fans: what song is it?
They answered him by some strange words, maybe don't know how to pronunciation this title?
JH laughed "Hihihi..." in a very sweet and tolerant voice :D

He then decided to come down to the audience,
to the loyal Japanese fans who have been waiting for him for these 2 years plus 2 months.
Here start my running!
Everybody went crazy and tried to shake hands with him, or just plainly touch him.
Don't worry, we didn't hurt him.
I rushed to him, but there were already a wall of fans in front of me.
As my seat is far from the stage, so I had no chance.
I couldn't even see where he was.
I jumped up and down.
I just heard fans' screams in this or that direction and I would run over there.
After 10 minutes like that, JH came back to the stage, and me back to my seat, T_T

But I didn't give up hope.
JH seemed to hear my wish, so at the end of the fanmeeting, he decided to come down again (?)
(Please let my skip other details in the fanmeeting, for me the running part is the most excited :D )

I started my chase again.
Saitama Arena was so big and splendid.
I ran from north to south, from east to west, but everywhere I went,
I was blocked by either fans or chairs.
At 11th minute, finally I could reach him, when JH walked fast to the stage and other fans were left behind.
Run me run!
Five steps away.
Two steps away.
But too late, JH already passed ahead of me.
I jumped in, and just catched.
And I catched his hand ^^^^^^^^

I couldn't see clearly if it was JH's hand, or just somebody's hand.
I just catched it.
But the moment I touched it, I knew for sure it was JH's hand ^_^
How many times did I shake hand with him?
I can never forget this warm feeling.

JH was already ahead, and didn't see me.
But I held into his hand, so he turned his head back and saw me.
He looked at me in a nanosecond, and smiled.
I let go of his hand so he could walk away.
I don't know if he recognize me or not, but I couldn't ask for more ^^

In the end of the concert, JH sang Sakura tears,
and ask us to "Jump! Jump!"
As if I hadn't got enough jumping today @@
But I still jumped, following his song.
What else can an employee do when Sajang nim gave order?

After the fanmeeting, I came to JH's favorite curry shop "Kokoro" which is nearby.
I tried the highest level of "Hot spicy curry", which is level 100th.
JH had said that 100th level was not enough for him, he wanted to try hotter and spicier.
Me too.
Dear Jeong Hoon, I officially call for a Competition of Eating hot scipy food between us, will you? ^____^


BTS Fanmeeting

Some BTS pics of JH and the MC:

Rehearsal pic:

Source: shirowan
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