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TOWA SEASON 2 Vol.2 pics

TOWA SEASON 2 Vol.2 John-Hoon's Story & Photo Book,
some scan pictures,
click on the pic to enlarge:

 Why so cute?  ;-)

And why so handsome?  <3 <3

Credit to rukanachan and ryushoin

A video of "Love on tiptoe" on DATV

A short clip from the drama, together with John Hoon's introduction for DATV:

Why is he so fond of the G?
I mean, not Girls, but the Guitar :D


Cute photos of Kim Jeong Hoon 2012

Some yummy kawaii photos of Jeong Hoon to enjoy as the new year is approching. I don't intend to collect his cute moments, because there are too many ^^

(Here he was chewing a kimbap,
and staring at some fangirl  :D )

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

From Chinese and Hongkong fans, as tag


2012.12.18 JH at Shanghai airport

He looked rather tired ^^
He'd had a very busy schedule on 17th.


New pics on homepage

Very stylish title :D

(Click to enlarge)

I'm also curious to know What is the next story :D



[Vid] JH singing on Hunan TV 2012.12.20

It was recorded in November, in Jeong Hoon's trip to Beijing.

He was so cute when the female MC teased him ^^

From jack Smith

From funnyeveryday2



More of rocker~~

Yes, still about Kim Jeong Hoon's Seoul concert 2012.12.08
I'm obsessed :D

From (thanks to her)
Click to enlarge:

Kim Jeong Hoon donates 1.45 tons of rice to Salvation Army

An article from

Kim Jeong Hoon donates 1.45 tons of rice to Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Korea Territory (commander Park Man Hee) on Wednesday revealed that singer and actor Kim Jung Hoon donated 1.45 tons of rice to the charity pot of the salvation army.

Kim Jung Hoon donated the rice he received from fans in China and Japan on the occasion of his first local solo concert. He also donated 2,000 eggs to the charity pot.

The donated rice and eggs will be delivered to underfed children in Korea and Cambodia.

The Salvation Army is now engaged in a donation campaign at over 300 donation spots in 76 localities across the country. The Red Kettle street campaign will continue until midnight on December 24.

Source: KBS

Some more pics of his Seoul concert,
thanks to Korean fan

Big spoiler ahead :D  :

Oh I love this rocker ^^

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