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Romance: Ep 13 & 14 Recap

From bblyum @soompi

Episode 13 (SPOILER BELOW!!):

so we are back to the fiasco at the hotel where in-young was called out of her vacation time off to come help look for the missing contract worth 300 million dollars that was supposedly thrown away by the cleaning lady. i guess in-young feels responsible because she was the one who told the cleaning lady to clean the room even though the guest said not to. this is when in-young sees sung-hyun get out of his car and walk into the hotel with the fiance hanging onto his arm.

in-young and crew head towards the city dump to look for the missing contract in the trash. this is when she hears all the gossip about the mystery girl who was with sung-hyun. turns out she is his fiance, and such a witch on wheels that the hotel staff has nicknamed her "nuclear explosion" because of her crazy temper tantrums. apparently she has been terrorizing the hotel staff over everything, from the cleaning, to the food, service, and even making personally insulting comments about body weight and cheap-looking lipstick. her family is some kind of japanese-korean rich family that owns an airline(?) company or something, and the new hotel branch that sung-hyun's family opened in japan is financed by the fiance's family's investment money (i think!). anyways, so the fiance walks around the hotel acting like she owns it. sung-hyun does not say anything to her though, because apparently he thinks it is easier to just let her tantrums blow over than arguing with her and making things worse.

another rumor they tell in-young about is that sung-hyun was involved in a scandal with an older married woman while he was studying in the states. the husband found out about them and divorced her, and after using sung-hyun she dumped him. the woman was also heiress to some big fortune company in korea as well, and there was a huge uproar in korea between the two families about this scandal.... so sung-hyun's grandfather was enraged and completely cut him off financially while he was in the states. later on, he brings sung-hyun back to korea to reinstate him as the hotel chain heir, but on the condition that he spends a year as a lower-level employee in the hotel. he also had to agree to the fixed engagement to witch-fiance.

in-young is digging through the trash thinking about all this, getting angrier at the situation and herself. she compares all the men in her life to trash, and also calls herself trash for once again trusting a man stupidly. she decides to give sung-hyun some trouble by texting him with lovey-dovey text messages when she knows he is with his fiance. while she is thinking bad thoughts about sung-hyun, one of the hotel staff wails "what are we going to do?? if we can't find this contract, the guest has threatened to sue the whole hotel!!" in-young perks up when she hears this, and decides that it would serve sung-hyun right to get his precious hotel in trouble by getting sued for the lost contract. she decides this is sweet revenge. she calls off the search for the contract and they all head back to the hotel.

alas, when they get to the hotel, the guest who threatened to sue does a 180 and apologizes. he forgot that he left the contract at his office, and mistakenly thought it was thrown away. in-young laments that she can't even get revenge in this way. the crew leave the guest's hotel room, and run into sung-hyun and fiance coming down the hall. they flatten themselves against the wall in fear of the witchy fiance, and she yells at them for stinking up the hotel. she tells sung-hyun to stick them all in a vat of disinfectant because they smell rotten. then she is all about to zone in on in-young and yell at her some more, when sung-hyun finally yells at her to stop. later they argue in the fiance's hotel room. fiance lashes out at him and wants to know who "the girl" is. she means who is the girl that he is dating. apparently she has heard the rumors that he has a girlfriend, and that she even works at the hotel. sung-hyun says "how many times do i have to tell you we're over? we were never in love anyway!" fiance " maybe for you, but i was in love with you from before. you just didn't know it. bring that girl to me, so i can learn what real love is for myself!"

in-young is at home, heartbroken and depressed. she decides she does not have any motivation to do anything, ditched her girlfriends when they were supposed to have a girls' night (she imagines how unsupportive they would be if she told them about her latest romance disaster anyway. during her imaginary sequence, su-hyun tells her to be cool, that she needs to give him a hot kiss then kick him in the balls before breaking it off, lol.) she spends her days locked up inside her house with pizza, pork chops, and fried chicken. she does not change clothes and she doesn't wash either.

sung-soo worries about in-young because she has turned off her phone for days. he checks at the hotel then shows up at her house and is appalled at the pig-sty her house has become. he tells her to get up and throws out her food trash, vacuums, drags her to the sauna to wash up. i think sung-soo succeeds in reviving in-young's spirit, hah. they are sitting in one of the hot rooms, sung-soo complains about sitting in there too long and that it's too hot. in-young stubbornly refuses to leave, saying how she's going to be the first person ever who burned to death in the sauna. she tells sung-soo to mail her dead body to sung-hyun so he'll feel guilty about what he did to her. he tells her it's stupid to die because of a guy, and she tells him he doesn't have the right to say things like that to her. later she thanks him for taking care of her, and also sheds some tears in front of sung-soo... he tells her if she's that upset about it she should go and let it out on sung-hyun. then he asks her if she was this upset and mad at him when they broke up too. she tells him when they broke up it was much worse... she felt like everything became dark black so she couldn't see in front of her, and that she wondered how she is supposed to live from now on. with this new breakup, she feels like she is walking through a thick fog. she figures it is better than it being pitch black, and wonders if she is getting better at breaking up, or if every breakup is just different. then she suddenly asks sung-soo isn't it his younger brother/sister's death anniversary soon (must have died before). sung-soo says "why are you asking that all of a sudden? are you treating me as if i'm your sibling or something?" in-young "whatever, you're the one who first told me you thought of me as a sister/mother/family before!" sung-soo "well, you're the one who got all upset and mad at me when i said that!!" she kicks him and tells him to buy her some boiled eggs... later he takes her home and stocks up her fridge with instant package meals, he also clips her toenails while she sleeps. in-young is not asleep though... she is thinking how life is ironic the way everything can change in a split second. within a split second, the man you loved for ten years can just turn around and betray you, and within a split second, he can become like an old friend... then she farts! lol. the next day su-hyun shows up to make sure she is eating the instant meals that sung-soo left. he called her so that she will come and take care of in-young while he's busy with work.

in-young decides she is done moping around over lost love and cuts her vacation short by going in to work a day earlier than planned.
she runs into kang-hee in the restroom. kang-hee asks her not to shake up sung-soo's feelings. in-young tells her "i am not trying to shake him up. let me give you some advice. instead of worrying about what i am doing, you should focus more on doing your best to capture sung-soo's affections for yourself. also, from my experience, i can tell you that you can't make somebody love you. it's hard enough trying to control your own feelings, let alone somebody else's!" back at her office, she tells the junior concierge guy that although having time off is nice, once she puts on her hotel uniform she feels energized... this girl loves her work. the junior guy mentions that the witchy fiance has been looking for her while she was away, and sure enough, she calls in-young's desk and tells her to come see her immediately. when in-young goes up there, she starts interrogating her. fiance "hmph, you actually look cuter in person compared to the photo on file. i'm sure you've already heard from the rest of the hotel staff who i am. do you have anything to confess to me??" in-young denies, but inside she is panicking about the fiance knowing that she is the one who was dating sung-hyun. the finace continues to badger her, " sung-hyun sent me an email one month ago telling me that he's fallen in love with a girl who works at this hotel. are you sure you don't have anything to say to me?" and in-young blurts out "it's not me!!". fiance scoffs "what? well, of course it's not YOU. sung-hyun is very picky and has very refined taste in women! why would he date a nobody woman like you who is five years older than him? plus you're short, and not that attractive, etc etc." geez, she really is a witch! so she has heard that in-young is close friends with sung-hyun because of their work history, and heard that they even play tennis during their lunch break and have been seen outside the hotel having dinner together... SURELY she must know who the girl that sung-hyun is dating, he must have told her since they are such good friends! geez, the witch is evil AND stupid at the same time. anyways, in-young tells her that sung-hyun does not talk about things like that with her. so the fiance tells in-young to find out for her. if she does, then she will give in-young anything she wants, but if she doesn't, she will have her fired.

in-young leaves the fiance and is all like "what is wrong with my life, why do things like this happen to me??!!?" and starts banging her head on the elevator door, when it opens and she falls right against sung-hyun inside. hah. awkward silence during elevator ride. sung-hyun says to her that he had hoped she could have trusted him for one week like he had asked. in-young asks him "so was it fun, playing with me like that? is it because of your fiance that you originally told me let's have a secret affair hidden from everybody for just one year?" he tells her that she should remember that he loves her, none of this changes anything between them... and that she needs to trust and wait for him, and just give him another day or two. he says he will explain everything, just trust him. she decides to protect herself by throwing love away before love throws her away first. she tells him that it's her decision whether she waits for him or not, declares "i don't need love anymore in my life." and walks out of the elevator.

*about su-hyun:
she continues to play both joon-yi and alex. at least joon-yi knows that he is guy number 2, while alex is still mr. romantic. su-hyun goes over to joon-yi's house to chat business and he offers to cook lunch. she asks for an italian omelette, and he says he'll cook it for her if she goes out for eggs. she agrees, but as soon as she leaves he remembers that he also needs mushrooms. he runs out after her to tell her and overhears her talking on the phone with alex making a date to go swimming after lunch. she turns around and sees him, realizing that he heard her phone convo with alex. he acts all cool and tells her to buy fresh mushrooms. she feels strangely guilty. later as they're eating, she receives a text. he assumes it's alex, and know that alex is waiting for her to go swimming after lunch, he tells her to hurry up and go. she tells him she was going to stick around and do the dishes. joon-yi tells her that she should just go, and that unless she leaves in 5 minutes he is going to kiss her on the assumption that she likes him. she tells him to go ahead and kiss her if he thinks he can just stop at one kiss. he takes her up on the bet and they kiss. he says "it really is hard to stop with just one kiss..." so she ends up postponing her swim date with alex. hmph.

later su-hyun meets up with alex in his hotel room. she helps him do his laundry at the hotel, and he wants to show her something. it turns out to be a blueprint of a house plan. he describes it to her.... complete with big separate dressing room, "because it's important for su-hyun to have a nice dressing room." su-hyun: "this is a house for ME?" alex: "this is a house that i wanted to build for you and me, for us to live in after we get married." su-hyun is surprised and dismayed, because the only time she feels the urge to get married is when she sees expensive wedding jewelry/watches. she turns to alex and says "alex, listen to me. alex: "...okay?" su-hyun:"i am sorry that i am this type of woman." alex, the poor love-blinded fool of course has no idea what she's talking about.

*about hyun-joo:
poor duk-soo is in danger of closing down his business because of the crazy incident at the pin-pong center, when hyun-joo showed up and accused him of giving her aids in front of everybody. in-young and su-hyun give her the idea to put up flyers all around the neighborhood posting his innocence. duk-soo sees the flyers everywhere and also catches hyun-joo putting them up. they get drunk that night and end up sleeping together again, which she originally blames him for. he tells her that SHE's the one who jumped his bones after getting all drunk, telling him that she wants to hear the sound of bells & waves, and that she wants to experience what it's like to "become one with the sea and the sky." ahahahahahaha. this is based on the poetic descriptions of orgasm/sex that she's read about in books. hyun-joo is so crazy.


From sherryholic @soompi :

Episode 14:
The fiancee finds out that IY is who SH loves and goes out on a hunt to bring IY down and grabs her hair and starts yelling at IY at the pool, while SY and Alex was there and IY gets thrown into the pool, and SY teaches that fiancee a lesson by slapping her and stating that IY would have never dated SH if she knew he was involved with someone else and a bit of advice, there was a reason why your fiancee cheated on you with IY, it's because IY knows how to love, and gets loved by someone unlike you.
Then SS comes to the rescue and takes a soaked IY to his car, then SH shows up. SS yells at SH that is this any way to tie up loose ends and ends things with your supposed fiancee or leave IY alone. SS also tells SH that during the "vacation" she took, do you even know what she did? "I've already hurt IY badly, I don't want the likes of you to hurt her as well." SH then states he has no intentions of ever hurting IY and that this is between the two of them and it doesn't involve him. Then IY comes and shouts at SS because he has no right telling SS anything that doesn't concern him and to go to his car and wait. Then SH tells IY he has something to say to her and IY then asks SH, was the year contract dating just because you had a fiancee? SH says he will explain and that "I don't ever want to see you cry, it hurts me as well seeing you like this". IY tells SH, do you want to break up now, or a year from now? SH states he has no intentions of ever breaking up with her and to don't cry. SS gets fed up in his car watching SH caring for IY. IY asks what happens next, do we act like we did before this all happened or what. SH asks her if she and him can go through this situation together and be together. Let's endure this together he says. If we get through this, nothing like this will ever happen again or hurt you again. SH tells IY that he's in the process of ending it with her and by tomorrow it will be over. SH asks IY, "can you hold my hand through this?" IY replies with a sorry, I can't do this now. SS is all fed up stating that they're filming a movie out in public, not knowing what they're saying. LOL. And then IY walks away from SH and goes back to SS's car and tells him to drive, and he yells at IY that how can you take his side when I was defending your honor?! IY defends SH that his situation and what he is going through right now, he doesn't need to hear her problems. Then SS and IY drive away from SH. (poor baby)
When IY reaches her house, SS asks IY if she wants a drink with him, and she agrees, and she's going in to change clothes. Meanwhile, IY is rethinking what happened with SH and she's slowly understanding SH and wants to forgive him. IY and SS starts drinking and says to SS that SH isn't a real bad guy (while drunk) and SS tells IY to meet a better guy who's better than him and SH put together, and IY asks SS "does me getting hurt, concern you?" SS says of course, you're my first love and I will always worry about you. IY then says even though SH did deceive me in the first place, and I hate him, she still misses him, a lot, and at the parking lot she should've listened to what he had to say. She doesn't want to be the bad guy, and listen to what he had to say. If she trusted him till tomorrow, everything will be fine, and blames SS for everything that has happened and made her come to work a day earlier. IY faints and SS carries IY's drunk state back to her house saying "how can you cry and get drunk and pass out because of another guy in front of my face".
The its the next day, the fiancee is leaving (thank god) and SH wishes her a farewell, but she has something to say to SH and then slaps him on behalf of SY who slapped her yesterday at the pool. Second slap, to even everything out. And then leaves. (GOOD RIDDANCE~!) :lol:
IY wakes up with SS on the couch, and she remembers what she said while she was drunk in front of SS's face. And tells him to get up, "we're not dating, get up!" then IY leaves to make a hungover gook, and SH calls when she leaves, so SS picks up the phone instead. IY asks SS if he's done shooting, and he said almost. SS tells IY they have somewhere to go. SS picks out an outfit for her. They arrive somewhere and tells IY that SH is inside that building and told him he resolved everything that fiancee of his, and since she wanted to hear him out, she should. And to protect her love (a bit cool on his part) IY asks SS if he's alright with his, and he says he's not, but that won't change anything.
SH explains his notorious reputation that everyone is talking about "She's a childhood friend when he was in America, she was married when they met, and she wanted to hide from her husband, and SH let her, and he was unknowingly the other guy in her marriage, even though they did nothing. The husband assumed she was cheating, and SH became the other man in her married life. And then he was labeled as a cheater and mistress(man) chaebol." then IY asks how did you get engaged with his fiancee. (A different woman, hence the crazy fiancee) SH replies it was decided through his grandpa who made them get engaged. But still, IY tells SH he should've told her everything beforehand. SH says he was wrong, forgive him. The year that he worked with her, he began to like IY. When SH realized he really liked IY, he tried to end things with his fiancee, but it just didn't go the way he wanted to. And when SH and IY officially started to date, he tried to break the engagement asap, but it wasn't so easy because the fiancee was an investor as well. But everything is solved now, and there won't be any more troubles for them. SH then tells IY to not cry again, it hurts him to ever see her cry (aww)! IY states in her perspective that her thinking was all a misunderstanding and just her overly suspicion without anything to support her reasons, that let it get to her head. IY apologizes to SH, and SH says it's okay, and can she hold his hand again. And IY does and he tells her to never let go of him.
Scene changes to a hospital with SH's parents and SH and IY. While the mother tells IY it's about time they get to see her. And tells her she looks pretty, and not her age at all. IY says that this is something she has never endured or ever been on, meeting the other party's parents. Bur regardless, IY decided to hold onto SH and believe in him again.
SS is shooting, and the hotel scenes are now officially done and over. KH tells him that he wasn't precise and she feels like the shooting was bad. But SS laughs and tells her that did something happen to her? And he tells her she's grown. (And they become friends and I guess their relationship is now over.)
Then it goes back to IY with SH's mom, and the mom is telling IY that she was worried that her son was trying to get married to a stranger that they don't know, and that IY had a guy to marry besides SH, and tells IY that she has no intentions of breaking up their relationship or getting married. And even if they disagreed, they can never win over SH. She instead tells IY to resign from her job and go away to America for just a year to hide, and they'll send SH to America shortly after as well. SH just winks at IY, there is just too many people in high places that will judge and make things just worse if they've found out IY and SH is a thing. And avoid unnecessary gossips like IY had a man, broken engagement to his fiancee, and just go to America and change her identity (wtf, change her age and name) and wouldn't she like America better than here? SH nodding his head (o.o have no comment) IY then realizes that she and SH are two totally different people, living in totally different worlds. IY is getting uncomfortable while SH and his mom are talking among themselves of their future, meanwhile IY thinks to herself that she hasn't even gone to Europe and anywhere else for the matter.
Then it goes to just IY and SH walking together, talking about where they wanted to go for their honeymoon. And SH asks IY where they should live after they get married, and she says anywhere is fine as long as they're together. Or so she would have liked to think.
Then the three girls are doing yoga, and SY tells IY that she's crazy for even considering all of this. And they discuss how she'll be rich and if they want anything when she gets married. Then it goes to her imagination as a well rich wife of a very successful businessman.
Then it goes to the photographer and SY in a photoshoot. SY starts jumping up and down and tells her one of investment came through and that she's really excited. Then it goes to her house, and Alex shows up at her place. She tells Alex, he should've called first. And SY is rushing things to hide evidence of the photographer is in her house. And the photographer is taking a shower, and he comes out. And they get caught by Alex. SY comes clean about their relationship and Alex puts two and two together and then leaves. SY just cuts her losses and the photographer feels guilty for getting in the way. And he tells her while he was with her, he felt bad on behalf of Alex. But SY loves the photographer for being so concerned for her and Alex.
Then IY shouts, what to do because of Alex because IY is obviously Alex's side. Then all three of them decide that they don't need anything, because when they're together, that's all that they need (friendship is always better).
Then it goes to IY, resigning her position, and SH asks if she's okay with this, and she says she'll be okay with it when time passes. SH is serenading her on the piano, (SH in real life is a singer)
SS is packing his things, and he sees SH serenading IY, and he just looks miserable and just leaves.
The serenading ends, SH gets up and tells IY to put her hands where his heart is at. And asks her, can she feel his heart beating out of his chest. IY nods, and SH tells can she fathom how much he cares for her. She nods, and that she now knows. SH bring a box out, and tells her that he's proposing to her right now. But then IY says, wait a moment, she can't accept his ring. And that there is someone she loves more right now. (This was really out of the blue) IY apologizes and that there is something she loves more and it is her CAREER. SH asks her what that is, and that it's INYOUNG, herself and her life that she loves and is not willing to give up so easily that she worked for. And no matter how many times she tells her that she loves SH, she can't give herself up entirely for him. SH sheds a tear, and he walks away from IY. SH looks back at her, and it ends. (BIGGEST Cliffhanger, ever!)


KJH: from Little Prince to Real Man

Source: Nate, Sina

[2011.07.25] Kim Jeong Hoon from Little Prince to Real Man

(Okay that was their title, not mine.
For me Jeong Hoon has always been a Real Man, since the very beginning :D
- Kappa Sub- )

Kim Jeong Hoon's history of being formerly of the male duo UN as a "pretty boy" singer and of dropping out of Seoul National University, has been the source of intense attention.

Although he moved into acting, however in the MBC TV series "Goong" he did not have all that much screen time. And although SBS TV drama "Witch Yoo-Hee", in which he co-starred with Han Ga In, enjoyed good reviews, Kim Jeong Hoon has still failed to get rid of the "Seoul National University drop-out handsome boy" label.

Although Kim Jeong Hoon belongs to the ranks of a star, but up to his enlistment in April 2009 as an artillery soldier he was unable to participate in a work that proved his strength in acting. Then in January 2010, he was transferred to media defense department and worked as an entertainment soldier until his military service was completed in February 2011. During the discharge ceremony, Kim Jeong Hoon said, "While watching "Secret Garden" I also wanted to act," making no secret of his desire towards acting.

Kim Jeong Hoon has chosen to star in the TVN television series "I Need Romance" as his first work on returning to acting. In this drama, Kim Jeong Hoon plays the role of a selfish yet at the same time mesmerising character, acting against actress Jo Yeo Jeong. Kim Jeong Hoon's acting in the drama has earned audience's high praise, and has thoroughly discarded the pretty-boy label of the past. After this successful transformation, Kim Jeong Hoon has been invited by film director Bak Jung Gu to star in the movie "Punchline", henceforth opening his way to develop both TV and movie career paths.

Trans by wann@ junghoonchina


Romance: Ep 12 rough recap

From bblyum@ soompi:

"in-young wants to go to the late night movies after work because there's a film she wants to see, asks sung-hyun to go with her but he rejects her. twice. she thinks something is up and calls him out to ask him. he admits that he was mad about her sewing the loose button back on sung-soo's jacket in the previous episode. in-young is like, "what, i thought you told me before that you understand everything, and you like things just the way they are?? you think i'm your property now because we slept together?" but then she's like smiling, sung-hyun is annoyed and asks her what she's so happy about. she tells him that she likes that he is jealous about her.

so they end up going to the movies. but right before the movies, he had gotten a phone call from his fiance in japan who told him she was flying in to seoul. he asks her what time is her flight and that he will come pick her up at the airport... so during the movie he can't focus cause he's thinking about the whole situation. in-young later asks him at the bar what's on his mind. he asks "what do you want for your future?" in-young: "hmmmm, well i would still like to continue working. pursuing my dream to become the head manager. also, if i don't get married i'd like to have the chance to go work at one of the overseas hotel branch locations." sung-hyun: " have you ever thought of me in your future?" in-young: "...." (silently she thinks, no i haven't yet!) then she tells him it's because they haven't been together that long. sung-hyun asks her is she will let him take responsibility for her future. (this is equivalent to asking her to marry him in korean culture) in-young is like, oh my god is this a proposal?? sung-hyun continues to say "i want you to trust me. can you trust me? for this one upcoming week, can you put your faith in me, and trust me regardless of what you may hear or see??"

in-young ponders this during the car ride back to her house. she wonders if she can bring herself to trust a man again. after she gets out of the car, she tells sung-hyun "i will trust you. you said one week right? i'll go to work tomorrow and ask for some personal time off for one week."

in-young is moving a big heavy plant on the hotel grounds when sung-soo is jogging by and sees her. he rushes over to help and she tries to shoo him away, telling him they are strangers now so she does not need his kindness. he tells her he thought they decided to be friends, so he can do nice things for her. he helps her carry the plant down the steps outside. in-young is bickering at him the whole time, telling him that this is what she didn't like about him when they were together, the fact that he was nice to all women around him, even complete strangers. he tells her he won't do that again. she tells him he should save up his chivalry for his current girlfriend kang-hee instead.

later in-young and sung-soo run into each other while she's buying ice cream at a convenience store. she's all rude to him when he offers to pay for her stuff, then ends up having to borrow 10 bucks from him cause she left her wallet at work. hahaha. she joins him at the outside table, using her foot to drag the chair over. sung-soo comments on how unladylike she is, and does her boyfriend sung-hyun know this side of her? he accuses her of being a hypocrite. he also hilariously tells her to stop making cutesy faces because she's too old for that and she looks ridiculous. then he gets all sentimental and asks her if she really loves sung-hyun, in-young says "yeah i didn't think i would be able to fall in love like this again, etc etc." sung-soo is all sad. he follows her to her bus and yells at her that she had better pay back the 10 bucks, since they are complete strangers now.

in-young late at night at home, she can't sleep because she does not have to go to work the next day. so she decides to go to the movies all by herself. lo and behold, sung-soo is sitting in the seat right next to the one she bought! (in korea, specific seating is sold to you when you buy your movie ticket, can't move around to any seat you want.) they watch the movie and she steals his popcorn. later she goes home and wonders at the coincidence, but we see that sneaky sung-soo knew she was going to the movies and what seat she bought because she used the movie membership card that they owned together when they were a couple. apparently he gets alerts to his cell phone when in-young buys a movie ticket. hah.

then of course sung-soo and kang-hee are filming at the airport and see sung-hyun pick up his fiance.
to sung-hyun's credit, sounds like the girl is a pre-arranged marriage thing. she acts all happy to see him, but he's like "didn't you get my email??" fiance: "that email about us breaking up? who are you kidding? we are supposed to go have dinner with your grandfather now. now put your arm around my shoulders!!" geez... she's a witch on wheels!

in-young in woken up by a frantic phone call from the hotel so she rushes over there to help even though it's her time off. and of course she sees sung-hyun get out of the car with his fiance holding on to his arm.

*about su-hyun:
in-young decides to play cupid and sends alex over to su-hyun's house cause she knows she is working late. before alex gets there, photographer joon-yi stops by first. su-hyun awkwardly introduces joon-yi as her co-worker photographer. joon-yi "what do you mean, just co-workers?? our relationship is not quite that simple..." then he adds on that he also works with su-hyun as a model on his personal photography exhibition pieces. alex: "oh i see. i am alex, su-hyun's boyfriend. nice to meet you." alex takes out all the goodies he brought for su-hyun and joon-yi says he is leaving. su-hyun runs out to him at his car and apologizes to him. he tells her "what are you apologizing about? we were a one-night stand anyways. no strings attached, that's what you said, right?" he leaves her.

*about hyun-joo:
she texts her friends that she loved them, thanks for everything, blah blah sentimental blah. then she drags duk-soo to the han-river and asks him if he's ready to drown to his death. her phone is ringing cause su-hyun and in-young are trying to reach her, but she doesn't pick up because she thinks they will weaken her resolve to die. duk-soo answers instead and begs su-hyun to hurry up, he's having such a hard time. hyun-joo and duk-soo jump into the water but apparently they are both very strong swimmers. they instinctively swim to their safety. later at hyun-joo's house, in-young and su-hyun tell duk-soo stories of how hyun-joo was always wierd since their schoolgirl days. su-hyun asks him to be patient with hyun-joo and be nice to her. duk-soo admits that he likes hyun-joo. he also reassures them that he does not have aids and that he will go to the hospital and prove it. "


Romance: Ep 11 rough recap

From bblyum@ soompi:

"As somebody who fully understands korean and watched the raw episode 11:

Spoiler below! just about a couple of the main scenes.

in-young, sung-hyun, sung-soo, and kang-hee have dinner together because of the tennis match bet they had in the previous episode. both couples get all competitive with each other due to jealousy, in-young and sung-soo have silent conversations/arguments communicated with hateful glares (she silently yelling at him for trying to make them order whiskey while he knows sung-hyun is allergic to alcohol, etc.) then after in-young steps away to answer a phone call relating to hotel work, she comes back to the table with just sung-soo and sung-hyun sitting there. (kang-hee left for a sec to answer her phone too.) in-young in that moment FORGETS that her and sung-soo are broken up!! ugh. so she gives sung-soo this fond look of affection and goes and sits right next to him, in front of sung-hyun. and totally acts like it's the most natural thing n the world, asking about ordering dessert and stuff until kang-hee comes back to the table and tells her to get out of her seat! sung-soo was smug for a second but sung-hyun of course is shocked and hurt.

hence awkward car ride back to in-young's house. she apologizes to sung-hyun and he says it's okay. in-young feels all grateful to him for being so understanding of her, and calls him. she says "where are you about now?" sun-hyun "5 minutes away from the hotel" in-young "i miss you already" sung-hyun "yeah? well, then i'll come back. it should take 20 minutes." in-young "really?? i'll go wait for you outside then!"

she runs outside immediately and sunghyun is sitting out there in his car, he never left. she tells him she loves him, but she thinks she's about to fall in love with him even more, is that okay? they kiss-kiss, spend night together.

*about suhyun and photographer joon-yi: they agree to a one night stand only, no regrets, and no clingy-ness afterwards.

*about lawyer hyun-joo: i honestly think she got some kind of STD from him. NOT PREGNANT. when you have symptoms like her, frequent urination and pain with urination, etc etc, that usually means an STD. also, the doc asked her if she knew the guy she had sex with very well. hyunjoo just ran out prematurely assuming it was because of aids. (because of what suhyun had told her before.) "


Romance: Ep 10 Recap

Always from the awesome rockmelon123 @soompi, thanks to her ^^

-Episode 10-

"sunghyun [text message]: you get off in the morning right? eat breakfast with me before you go! i asked the chef from the western restaurant prepare a picnic set. pick you up at the crossing like last time.
couple chant: oh yeah~! unbelievable/ridiculous timing! let's go~~
inyoung [narrate]: dating in secret was exhilarating.

owner and couple out on a picnic breakfast date in the park. ^-^
sunghyun says he found something interesting and takes out the evaluation inyoung wrote about him 6 months ago. he reads out a truckload of compliments while inyoung gets embarrassed. friendly face, a smile that gives off a good vibe~ she's given him an A+! sunghyun teases her that she fell for him hard, only to have inyoung fight back, reminding him that the evaluation wasn't done as a woman judging a man, but as a superior.

sunghyun: judge me from a woman's point of view then. or tell me shortly that you love me.
inyoung: just eat instead! you seem like a good guy, it's all written there~
sunghyun: do you not say 'i love you' often? are you that sort of a girl? i'm a sensitive man that can't say' i'm hurt' when i'm hurt. now is that time.

at an art gallery, seoyeon asks inyoung what's so hard about saying 'i love you'. inyoung says she wanted to say it but the words just couldn't come out. hyunjoo asks how can she say 'i love you' when it's not love and comments that love is something that makes the heart beat fast. inyoung agrees, saying that when she kissed sungsoo years ago her heart was going so fast she thought it was going to explode. seoyeon reckons it has to do with age instead of the partner. the girls ask if seoyeon tells alex she loves him and when she answers with yes they wonder whether that's lying or not. seoyeon justifies that she loves alex but their way of loving is different and she's loving him in her own way. she makes a good point asking if there's a rule that requires people to love in the same way. seoyeon admits that her desires are most important and knows that they think she has issues but she sees the other two as having more problems: hyunjoo doesn't know what she really wants while inyoung is not honest with her feelings. hyunjoo wants herself to be blissful/happy only to be told to think about what being blissful means. inyoung is not impressed with seoyeon's teaching attitude. seoyeon says that love isn't anything impressive, if you're happy when you're together and if you want to be together for longer then that's love. how can the heart tell whether it's love or not? love is something that comes even without the heart knowing, suddenly one day.

the two problematic friends are angry about being schooled by seoyeon and grumble while leaving. they're envious of her and can't understand why she's so well off while she's cheating all the time. inyoung narrates that seoyeon hangs out with the people she wants whenever she likes and when she wants to leave, she leaves. good girls go to heaven when they die, but in love, seoyeon goes to wherever she wants to go. seoyeon has bought a camera and asks joonee to teach her how to use it. she finds the beach pictures nice but is told that those without her face are the ones he's using for his exhibition.

sunghyun calls inyoung as she practices her guitar. sunghyun says her guitar skills and singing are weird. he puts on a record and shares music with inyoung through the phone as he can't call her to his room. the music brings up memories that she thought she had forgotten. inyoung tells sunghyun that she knows this piece of music. inyoung thinks back to a movie date she and sungsoo had years back. the two of them had set up the projector and sungsoo has become all emotional and cries while inyoung has fallen asleep. kim sungsoo weeps like a true wuss while inyoung asks him why he's crying.

the guy in the movie[from subtitles]: i really want to live with you. let's live together. give me an answer. talk if you have a mouth. if we live together everybody will be envious of us. there are lots of women prettier than you and woman who are better than you. i could have married women like that but i didn't. i want to marry you.

inyoung [narrates]: this piece of music was the music played in the last scene of that movie.
sunghyun: how do you know it? you've heard of it often?
inyoung: just... it's just a piece i know.


inyoung: why did you cry just then?
sungsoo: coz my heart was hot[means he had a fuzzy feeling?].
inyoung: why? i didn't find it interesting.
sungsoo: the guy was constantly proposing to the girl, but because he was so poor, the girl's grandmother objected the marriage. ah it was the best. of all the movies i've seen, that was the best proposal scene. really.
inyoung: there was no music playing, no candles, not even flowers. what was so good about the proposal?
sungsoo: everyone shoots it like that, but this director didn't shoot it that way so it was good. ha, i can't explain it with words. it's really the best. the poor man's sincerity i felt at that moment.
inyoung [narrates]: i learnt another way of enjoying movies from him
sungsoo: i really want to make movies. i saw that scene and thought i was going to die from wanting to make movies.

inyoung: after we finish our ramyun, let's shoot a movie like that too. you propose to me while following me around. aren't you thankful that i'm going out with an unemployed man like you? you have nothing either[i.e. you're poor], got a pig, a cow, a car or a house? do the proposal. like hosaeng [i'm guessing the dude in the movie], poorly and beautifully.
sungsoo: if we slept together, that should have been the end. [we could also be interchangeable with they, not quite sure what context they're talking in but i'm guessing sungsoo meant themselves, could be my misinterpretation.]
inyoung: what do you mean?
sungsoo: just as i said it. if we've slept together that much/enough, why touch that subject now? [changed it to make sense in english] getting married is then -
inyoung: i'm angry now. propose immediately. like hosaeng, touchingly, enough to cause tears. we're going to start. ready, action.
sungsoo: marry me. although i don't possess anything, i can make you happy. let me do stuff like this. i'm not asking you to marry me for you to do things like this. since you like going to clubs with your friends, you can play like that every day. true, i might ask you to do stuff sometimes but i won't ask you to do a lot like other men. let's get married. please marry me. if you want to marry me, throw me that cloth. why aren't you talking? because i don't have a house and i'm not able [able as in have power to do stuff]? are you saying that right now? because i'm poor now, you think i'll be poor forever?? hurry and throw the cloth to me! i have a dream. i'm definitely going to be a movie director and we'll be become a married couple that everyone's envious of. let's get married.
inyoung drops the cloth.
sungsoo: you should at least throw the cloth before you go! what are you? are you saying you don't want to marry me? don't play around and answer me. are you hesitating now because i'm not able[able as in have power to do stuff]? could it be that you don't trust me? i was joking about the 'if we slept together, that's the end' just then. but hey, aren't you separating going out and getting married[as in you'd go out with a guy but wouldn't marry him]? if you don't answer me in 3 seconds, i'm going to kick you with my foot. 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds!! so you're not going to answer me huh!
inyoung: we're shooting a movie right now! what are you doing!! did hosaeng kick teyi[main characters in movie i guess] with his feet?
sungsoo: i've caught your true feelings, that you don't want to marry me because i'm don't have power[or able, you guys know what i mean by now right?]!!
inyoung: if you want to get married, take an oath.
sungsoo: what!
inyoung: that you'll only love me until you die. that you won't ever cheat or do something like that.
sungsoo: why take an oath for something that's a given. i'm not going to hurt you in any way.
inyoung: you promised!
sungsoo: so, you're promising that we're getting married too.
inyoung: it's already like we're married. we're together every day.
sungsoo: so, wife, let's hurry and sleep.

inyoung [narrates]: can't return to that time anymore. the kim sungsoo back then, the sunwoo inyoung back then, they've both gone. all the beautiful moments we had have become shatters.
sunghyun [text message]: if you're not asleep yet come out. i'm in front of your house.
inyoung: why'd you come here and not sleep.
sunghyun: think about the sad stuff only in the day[day time]. think about good stuff before you sleep. don't listen to music and cry. are there that many memories? everything's weird about you, but you're eyes are okay to look at. if it's all swollen, where should i look at? we're leaving now. get going~!
sunghyun sings and cheers inyoung up. major head banging action happening.
inyoung [narrates]: as time goes by, i'm going to remember this song[the one puppy sang] too. the way sunghyun approached my hurt heart tonight, how comforting it was, how warm my heart has become now. i'm going to remember all this and i'll most likely miss it[think about it].

-part one-
-to be continued-

-part two-
- commence-

inyoung is at work and comes across sungsoo filming. he's not happy at kanghee as she's forgotten the lines again. kanghee sees inyoung and is clearly affected by her. kanghee runs off. sungsoo see inyoung, but looks away, leaving inyoung slightly puzzled. she texts sungsoo, saying that there's a lot to settle between them and that if they're going to finish the relationship, they should be settle it once and for all. she sends him a second text asking about what she should do with his stuff left in her house. annoyed, sungsoo tells her to throw it all out if she wants to. inyoung replies that she wants her stuff in his apartment back. she says that she doesn't want him going to her house, so he should bring her stuff and meet in the middle[between her house and his] at 9pm.

sungsoo tells kanghee off but she fights back saying that if he yells at her in front of inyoung once more she's going to quit. she demands that he treat her well because she's not the same kid as she was when they did their first movie together and that she's a woman that he once liked. hearing this, sungsoo corrects her:

sungsoo: that's not how it was. i didn't dislike you but, kanghee, guys are -
kanghee: love is the same, no difference between men or women. there could be a side that likes the other a bit more but you're lying if you say you didn't like me. do you think i'm so stupid to the extent that i can tell if a person likes me or hates me?
[translated this bit out coz it highlights the fact that sungsoo is still in denial]

kanghee says that she'll give him as much time as he needs while being confused about going to her side and that he can talk about this next time but not in front of inyoung. she says that he shouldn't treat her poorly and as time goes by, he'll regret hurting her like this for sure.

inyoung is packing sungsoo's stuff and comments that each item has a story related to it. a t-shirt that sungsoo wore while going on the camping trip, a guitar that sungsoo spent 3 months pay on, a door knob that sungsoo told her to change because it doesn't shut right, a tv that sungsoo stored all the channels on the remote con, a fridge that sungsoo thinks requires fixing.

inyoung [narrates]: ten years. a third of my life. the most important and beautiful time of my life[her twenties]. i spent it with kim sungsoo. is it possible to erase all those times? even if i erase all those time, will i still be sunwoo inyoung? a thing called memories has done nothing wrong. even if you hate the separation, there's no need to ruin memories.

inyoung and sungsoo meet:
inyoung: didn't you go home?
sungsoo: i went home and came out, i saw you and bae sunghyun together[pinic breakfast date]. you were shining [twinkle twinkle]. i didn't like you being with him, i hated it so much i couldn't bear it. you wished for me to be hurt didn't you? i'll try and hurt as much as you hurt. but let me ask you one thing, if i hurt as much as you did, do you start to hate? do i become like you and not love?
inyoung: i'll ask you once too. speak as a person with experience. if you cheat, does the woman you used to go out with become precious? and you become afraid of losing her?
sungsoo: you're right, i'm afraid of losing you.
inyoung: while i was next to you, when you had me, you should have been good to me. you should have found me precious then!
sungsoo: i'm telling you i didn't know what was precious then!!!
inyoung: i didn't even ask for much, just that one person by my side. i went out with you and because i loved you, i wanted to be with you forever. that's all i wanted! but you ruined everything.
sungsoo: let's think of a way to turn things around[and go back].
there's no such method, i think it doesn't exist now.
sungsoo: if there's stuff you want to get back, go get it when i'm not home. i don't want to give them back to you or throw them away. they're left the same way you put it, so you do what you want.

inyoung [narrates]: is it possible to go back[things return to before] like he said? is there a way to turn back even now[before it's too late]? i wanted to turn back and have things the way they were before. i thought it would be possible to turn things around.

inyoung visits sungsoo's apartment with hope:
inyoung: i came because i have something to say.
sungsoo: come in.
inyoung: stop working with yoon kanghee.
sungsoo: how can i stop, i've signed a contract.
inyoung: find a way to not do it. there must be a way right?
sungsoo: i need that kid, inyoung.
inyoung: think again about what's important, didn't you say you know what's precious now?
sungsoo: i won't do stuff like that[i.e. cheat] again. i 'm not going to.
inyoung: i want to become happy with you. let's stop and become happy again.
sungsoo: just trust me and forgive me once more.
inyoung: so everything's all good if i forgive you? while you're stuck to that kid every day?
sungsoo: i know you don't like seeing us together, but it means nothing. let both of us work hard to let thing go back to how they were before.
inyoung: i didn't say i didn't like it[him working with kanghee] last time. please sungsoo.
-kanghee enters-
sungsoo: we were going to watch dvds. it's work!
inyoung: it's work?
sungsoo: inyoung please!
inyoung: should the three of us watch together? can i come in between and watch it together, the three of us?
sungsoo: [to kanghee] come next time {come next time?? why would say next time in front of your raging girlfriend???}
inyoung: no, i'm going to go. you two work.
sungsoo: inyoung -
inyoung: you slept with her. did you forget? you don't understand what i mean? don't you know? this is the last time. i'm never giving you another chance of getting my forgiveness. i can't give it to you anymore.

{at this stage it's clear that kim sungsoo is not a professional cheater. he can't even make the cut for amateur cheaters. he's clearly pushing the wrong buttons in a situation where there's a very limited range of wrong answers he can give. how can he not know what's right to say and what's not? clearly he's either stupid or doesn't really care about the relationship. seriously, this guy gets on my nerves.
i can see where inyoung is coming from. ten years of investment is no joke for a woman at 33. i can understand why she's always trying to give him chances to redeem himself and wanting to forgive him. i like that this time she's not backing down and stating her request fair and square.}

for moral support, the trio of besties have a sleepover at hyunjoo's. seoyeon says that the situation isn't that big, it's nothing really~ hyunjoo says the conclusion is kim sungsoo still loves inyoung. seoyeon tells inyoung to marry kim sungsoo, it's now the right time. she and hyunjoo tell inyoung that given the average lifespan of 80~90 years, life is too long to be married just once. basically they're telling her to divorce him when she can't stand him anymore. deoksoo is at the door. seoyeon tells hyunjoo to apologise to him as she was wrong to him. apparently seoyeon saw hyunjoo at the department store buying a watch. hyunjoo has given it to deoksoo along with a card saying: thanks for everything[literal translation: i was thankful; changed it to make more sense in english]. goodbye:

deoksoo: what does this mean? i heard that this watch is really expensive.
hyunjoo: i'm just thankful, like it's written in the card.
deoksoo: what? what are you thankful for? tell me what you're thankful for? because you're thankful you're giving an expensive watch as payment? a breakup present?? hyunjoo, that day, it was your first time right? so this, this expensive watch, is the price? so this! is the going rate[usual price]? is this the going rate??
hyunjoo: if you want to think of it that way, think of -
deoksoo: i'm sorry, hyunjoo! it hurt right? are you okay? i [hit] hyunjoo.. look at me for a bit..
hyunjoo: clear the bill this way[settle it this way].
deoksoo: are people's feelings that simple? is it so for you hyunjoo? i slept with you because i really liked you. i thought you were a really lovable woman.
hyunjoo: not for me. i didn't like you at all. i wanted to see men freely and comfortably, so i needed you.
deoksoo: please don't talk that way.
hyunjoo: don't come here again. i'd like it if we never saw each other again.

sunghyun time~~ sunghyun and inyoung are playing tennis. inyoung narrates that seoyeon is right: loving anybody is better than not loving anyone, even if it's a person that doesn't make her heart beat fast . sungsoo and kanghee to practice for a scene in their movie. sunghyun suggest they have a match. inyoung agrees: guests versus employees. sungsoo wants to play as friends against strangers. sunghyun is cool so he accepts his suggestion but kanghee doesn't want to. team employees against team guests, they bet on lunch. both inyoung and sungsoo want to win. sunghyun is letting inyoung down and she's getting anxious about losing. sunghyun pinches her cheeks because she's so cute. a jealous sungsoo whacks a ball to puppy's head who fake faints.
sunghyun steals a kiss from a worried inyoung and hugs her tight, saying 'i really like you soooo much~'

inyoung [narrates]: it was that moment. my heart began to beat fast. love was beginning again[ i'm starting to fall in love again]. again.. love. "
rockmelon123 @soompi


Romance: Ep 9 Recap

A rough translation of ep 9, for those who couldn't watch it with engsubs yet, (including me :D )

From rockmelon123 @soompi:

Episode 9 - tiny recap

"puppy (i.e Sung Hyun) and owner (i.e In Young) play hide and seek. puppy catches owner 5 minutes into the episode, which is 1/8 of the episode. such a waste of precious screen time in my opinion but i guess they have to build up some tension?
-at cafe after picking inyoung up-
sunghyun: so, you never liked me? you just went out with me because you were bored? wah, there's a day in my life where i become peanuts[when ppl are bored, they eat peanuts. basically being used to use up some free time]. You really are an impressive/amazing woman[as in how she used him as peanuts].
inyoung: i'm going to accept it as a compliment.
sunghyun: continue then. i'll be you're peanuts{trust me when i tell you it's not as weird as it sounds}.
inyoung: that's going to be difficult, mr. ceo.
sunghyun: why? because i'm your boss?
inyoung: yes, i take my job at the hotel seriously and i want be the top...
sunghyun: are you going to continue talking to me so formally?
inyoung: yes.
sunghyun: YES YES {reappearance of frustrated pup}!! fine. but don't say no. since we've/i've[ doesn't say, just implied by context] eaten, let's go drink.
inyoung: no but
sunghyun: didn't i tell you not to say no?
inyoung: in broad day light? and you can't drink!
inyoung [thinking]: why's there no phone calls? he was definitely going in the direction of the hotel... wasn't he here to see me..
sunghyun: you two fought, are you and autobike broken up?
inyoung: we're not broken up.
sunghyun: no matter what, it's true that the guy made you get hurt. no matter what it is. why isn't it me?
inyoung: it's not like i fooled[joked] around by myself, you're also playing with me. there's no passion. is this love? more like a prank.
sunghyun: does it have to be hot and painful to be love?
inyoung: then what is love?
sunghyun: i've also been in love so i know, if it's painful it's not love.
inyoung: if it' painful and there's nothing you can do about it, it's love. it's my heart but i can't do anything about it; that's love.
sunghyun: so you're going on with it even if it hurts?
inyoung: i'm protecting/hanging on[can also mean looking out for, combine all three meanings together, i think that's what inyoung means in this context] to it because it's precious. i'm angry and in pain now but because it's precious, because i don't want to lose it. it might be painful right now, i'm telling you i'm protecting/hanging on to my heart.
sunghyun: i got hurt. why'd i get hurt so much. can't you say anything hopeful to me right now? you, i'm going to drink. i really can't hold my liquor. because i have a precious body, i can't break down the alcohol. if i drink 1 glass i collapse and if i drink two i die. i'm going to pop 2 right now and die in front of you.

inyoung takes drunken sunghyun home. sungsoo is there to find some dvds and helps the driver carry him in. he calls puppy 'bae ssi', basically mr bae. he acts jealous at first but happily leaves. inyoung consults friends on the sudden change of attitude, to which hyunjoo, being a lawyer, tells her to return to the crime scene[scene of the incident].

deoksoo has finished some handy work. at seoyeon's advice, hyunjoo rearranges the seating so the two of them are sitting close. hyunjoo and deoksoo sleep together. deoksoo is considerate and gentle with hyunjoo.
drunken{seriously, two shots of sake and you're out?} puppy wakes up and goes shoe shopping with inyoung. he buys her shoes because she has to run around the hotel a lot. he says he's investing in the future head of concierge[what inyoung aims to be one day, no he's not promoting her]. he tells her to think of the situation, him working as her boss, simply and that it's actually a good thing. {not understanding his fringe at this stage, excess sweat or hairspray?} he says that if they work together, they'll get to see each other often. to be together 24 hours is like dating 24 hours.

dropping inyoung off, sunghyun{fringe fixed} requests a peck on the check before she goes.
sunghyun: that one was what i requested, you have to be proactive! you're an aggressive woman. do whatever you want. i'm telling you to do as you wish~
inyoung [narrates]: how does love begin? is it good to start like this with hesitation? maybe in this world there is love that starts with hesitation.-flashback- instead of love with only hate and dread, it could be a lot more sweeter.

after some chit chat as a trio, seoyeon goes to work with joonee. having some kimbap joonee made, the two of them talk about her wound and seoyeon's clothes[joonee has never seen her dressed like this, in runners and all] seoyeon says that she can change at the site and she's sure he'll get her to do some heavy lifting. they have to move a bed this time. as seoyeon falls into the creek, they have no choice but to go back. joonee tells a story he read about a photographer he meets a pair of brothers in Africa. the younger one was weak while the older one was strong and looked after the younger one. a few years later the photographer goes back to Africa and looked for the brothers. one of them died. the older brother died.
joonee: the people who act strong die first.
seoyeon: so it should be, coz they don't get any pity. but i hate stuff like pity. are you telling me to act weak to get pitied? i like things strong and clear[not transparent clear].
joonee: you're a woman with a lot of charm, but not the style i like.
-kiss on cheek-
seoyeon: how can you just leave in a situation like this? you're making me embarrassed..
joonee: do you do that to all guys? they all fell for you from a kiss like that? i don't like obnoxious girl's like you.
-some more bickering-
seoyeon: are you playing with me right now?
joonee: you're the one playing with me. don't do stuff like that again.
seoyeon: fine, i won't. i won't! -in car- unbelievable, it's the first time i've been rejected so pitifully.

inyoung finds out about sungsoo making a movie at the hotel. they bicker about sunghyun and how the hotel is his so sungsoo should be mindful of his words around sunghyun.
sungsoo: do you really like him?[not as direct, but means that]
inyoung: yes, i do. it feels like i've become Cinderella. at the right time my lover is kicked out of the game, i'm so lucky!
sungsoo: you really like money that much?
inyoung: there's nothing bad about it! because i went out with an unemployed guy for ten years.
sungsoo: i kept my word to you. the stuff i said i'd do for you when i got money, i did them for you. wherever you wanted to go, i took you. i didn't know you liked money that much. don't go to him that easily. play hard to get.
inyoung: what do you mean?
sungsoo: guys don't like easy girls. you're sort of really easy. it was like that our first night, you seduced me. how could a guy in that situation -
inyoung: so because you're not an easy guy you couldn't hold it for 1 minute?
sungsoo: 1- 1 minute? i'm going crazy- what 1 minute?? think carefully, it definitely wasn't 1 minute!
inyoung: more like 30 seconds!!
sungsoo: 30 seconds?? ah seriously. if you sleep with that guy, remember to not get pregnant. no babies. can't raise babies!!
inyoung: ridiculous!!
-bickering about who cared about protection from getting pregnant-
inyoung: are you jealous right now?
sungsoo: yeah, it seems to be the case. my heart is in serious pain now.
inyoung: it's a good sign. hurt like how i hurt. that's my wish.
sungsoo: is it okay for me to say my wish?
inyoung: say it.
sungsoo: i hope that guy hurts you more than i hurt you.
inyoung: what good is it to you if i hurt more?
sungsoo: then you will return to me.

as you might have noticed, i'm not keen about hyunjoo/deoksoo couple.
i don't get them... why she doesn't just go out with him.. why he's so quirky, in a negative sense...
unless it's something REALLY important, not really going to go in detail with them for now.
maybe if they get better and things clear up a bit, yes.

sorry for those who aren't looking forward to inyoung/sunghyun scenes..
i like them a lot so i'll be recapping most of their scenes...

anyway i liked episode 10 better so a more detailed, less sloppy recap should be up.
inyoung's heart has started to beat for sunghyun ^-^

**just a reminder that i won't post the new recap within the next ten hours. need to sleep now.. then write it. hehehe "
From rockmelon123 @soompi


John Hoon Japan concert in September

From Mersenne Japan

" Concert schedule has been fixed.
~ ~ Everyone,
you have looked forward to this news.
John Hoon concert schedule has been decided.
First, the performance will begin to Nagoya and Osaka.
To the fans who live far from the concert venue this time, I'm very sorry.
Thank you for your understanding. 

Fans in Osaka and Nagoya, please give us your strong support.

September 05th: Century Great Hall, Nagoya,
September 07th: Grand Cube Osaka

I will notice again about opening hours, concert content,...

Presale tickets for FC members:
July 15th to July 24th. "

Translated by KappaSub


Romance: Ep 7 & 8 Recap

When the subs haven't been out, please enjoy this translation (recap) from a kind fan ^^

Watch ep 7 - 8 without subs here:
(Ep 1~6 with subs)

Recap from rockmelon123@ soompi:

~Episode 7 Recap~

Starts off with inyoung appearing to be living normally after breaking up with sungsoo, starting the day off by going to her english class, playing tennis with alex at lunch, cooking and watching 2 movies in a row. by the time she gets home it's already 1am, inyoung comments on how she's actually getting busier and ruining her life just because she broke up is not her style.

although everything is fine in daytime, problems arise at night. she can't sleep no matter what. she calls sungsoo who is sleeping, but he actually perks up a little when he sees the call is from inyoung. inyoung rips him a new one and tells him that if she can't sleep he shouldn't either. she also tells him to not pick up her calls. hilariously, she throws out her old mobile the next day but still calls sungsoo using the phone sunghyun gave her. inyoung goes over to sungsoo's apartment, wakes him up and tells him off about still using HER birthday as his password for the door. she continues to go on about him wearing the t-shirt she bought him and demands to get it back. her tantrum goes on and she warns him that every night she's going to bother him until she dies. she also tells him she kissed another guy. she gets drunk another night and wakes up in a taxi in front of sungsoo's building. without cash and in her pjs she calls sungsoo down to pay for the taxi. sungsoo takes her home, not without protest from the lady of course, and stays to make breakfast for her next morning. sungsoo tells her not to drink and has thrown away all the beer in her fridge. at sungsoo's reminder that he won't be home tonight because of a meeting with the writers, inyoung tells him that she's not going to his place anymore, that she doesn't care about whoever he goes with to wherever, and she doesn't trust whatever he says.

however, she couldn't resist not going to his place again, goes to sungsoo's carpark and scratches his car. she blames this on sungsoo, saying that it's his fault for not taking his car. turning around she sees kanghee's car and scratches it too. kanghee catches her while she gets off her van and remarks that she herself has been pretty well whereas inyoung must have been having it pretty rough. inyoung coolly admits to scratching her car because she was angry, to which kanghee retorts with questions: who are you angry at? do you think it's my fault? inyoung admits that it's not kanghee's fault, she hasn't done anything wrong so she doesn't have to feel guilty and can live well. she comments on how kanghee said she was doing pretty fine lately, asking kanghee how she was when sungsoo took her home [from the villa where she caught sungsoo and kanghee], wasn't it pitiful for kanghee to be left all alone. inyoung says that at kanghee's age of 23 she should be more pure, that inyoung herself at 23 didn't even think about doing something like this. inyoung asks if kanghee didn't know that she and sungsoo loved each other, only to have kanghee fight back, saying that she hates inyoung for meeting sungsoo first, for loving him before her. kanghee tells her about the night sungsoo left with inyoung, how she was left alone at the villa, thinking that at 23, she didn't want to love this way either. but since she's an actress, she thought she'd be able to act out this sort of scene well next time in another movie, and that was it[i.e. she didn't dwell on it]. kanghee comments on the fact that she knew that they wouldn't break up easily, but she'll have more chances in the future because she and sungsoo like the same things and are doing the same kind of work, making the next movie together. inyoung narrates that this girl is being sincere, kanghee truly loves sungsoo, and that she loves him a lot more than inyoung herself. [how she comes up with this conclusion i'm not too sure...]

hyunjoo and seoyeon are in a cafe discussing hyunjoo's list of possible candidates for her 'first experience project'. she has come up with this list based on various criteria:
1.long legs that can wear european jeans without the need of altering the length.
2.chest muscles that can be slightly seen when wearing a t-shirt[bouncy(?) body, elastic(?), i don't know how to translate that.]
3. personality - cheerful while being knowledgeable.
the list goes on and hyunjoo would prefer the guy to share the same taste in shoes.

seoyeon says she's all wrong, that the criteria should be as follow:
1. nobody work related as you might have to see them after the one night stand: hyunjoo crosses out all the lawyers and prosecutors
2. no married guys, coz you don't want to end up like seoyeon herself
3. no guys who talk a lot, you don't want the guy to tell everybody that you slept together
hyunjoo's list has only one candidate left, but she can't sleep with him either - the guy was at her wedding and thinks she's married, i.e. hyunjoo hasn't told everyone about the situation yet. hyunjoo is also troubled as her friends are asking for a housewarming party[since they think she got married, moving in with new husband so a party is required~!] hyunjoo is back at square one with her first experience project, and contemplates going to a host bar, but is reminded of the possibility of aids... she learns the spell thing we saw in the preview from seoyeon.

at home, the doorbell rings and it's deoksoo with the wedding pictures. apparently they were sent to him! he was going to throw them away but hyunjoo says that they'd be great for the housewarming party. after having him help out with putting the frames up, hyunjoo wants to pay him but is told that they're neighbourhood friends now so there's no need to pay and that he has a drill at home so next time she needs help she can call. reminding her to visit his table tennis place[should i call it centre?], deoksoo leaves. looking at the wedding photo, hyunjoo decides that deoksoo is the perfect candidate for her first experience project and says that if she's going to do it, why not do it with her husband. kekeke

hyunjoo visits the table tennis centre and deoksoo teaches her how to play. hyunjoo goes gaga[omo omo omomomo~] for his muscles and what not. she asks for his height and weight, and asks him about some books, whether he's read them and how he feels about them, but deoksoo can't answer. hyunjoo decides that he's ignorant.

meeting up with seoyeon and inyoung, hyunjoo divulges her disappointment at deoksoo's ignorance, to which seoyeon refutes with 'are you having babies with this guy?'. seoyeon tells hyunjoo that you don't communicate with guys with words, you communicate with your body, and that since hyunjoo finds deoksoo sexy, that's enough. comparing deoksoo to a 1-use tooth brush, she tells hyunjoo to not be so picky. hyunjoo says that still, he can't be an animal[as in not smart]. hyunjoo goes on about how she wants her first experience to run down: best hotel room, with music and candles, essential oil, white bed sheets and pyjamas. seoyeon and hyunjoo also talk about their fantasies with inyoung realising that she still misses sungsoo.

alex and inyoung finished tennis and are waiting for their yummy zzapaghetti to be done. inyoung spills her heart out about autobike[sungsoo] having an affair and kanghee loving him more than herself. she says that even if she forgives him, things won't go back to how they were before because of kanghee. alex says she can cry if she's being disturbed/worried/sad[hard to translate this emotion, i'm going to use this combo below as well, sorry..]. he says if you cry, things can be settled and comments on how it's weird that korean people don't cry when they're disturbed/worried/sad. inyoung cries and alex comforts her as a friend. alex teaches her how to handle being disturbed/worried/sad, that she should shave off an eyebrow. all she'll care about from the next day onwards is when the eyebrow grows back and she won't have any other worries. inyoung agrees that this is a good method, fighting disturbed/worried/sad with something even more consuming than that, sans the shaved eyebrow of course. she decides to hold a house concert.

inyoung sends out the invitations to her house concert, and becomes busy~~ just as alex taught her, preparations for the house concert takes up most of her time and she doesn't think about autobike for too long. hyunjoo invites deoksoo to inyoung's concert as well. sunghyun [FINALLY he's on, waited for him since the start of the episode....] drops by inyoung's house and overhears her practising, sending a message telling her that she's played a chord wrong and her voice doesn't suit the song, they meet outside her house. autobike arrives at the same time. inyoung uses sunghyun to make autobike jealous. instead of kissing inyoung on the cheeks as she requested, he plants one on her lips. sunghyun reminds her that she's in debt to him[note here he's using dangshin as 'you' which is more endearing than the normal 'you' but not yet jagi which is like honey~] he pinches her cheek saying see you next time and he's going to come pick her up, giving her the jeon[pancake] he bought for her. after sunghyun leaves, sungsoo and inyoung talk, basically just 'i've got another guy and i'm going to sleep with him' while sungsoo tells her not to.
inyoung: didn't you have an affair with ending things between you and me in mind?
sungsoo: i was wrong, i told you i was wrong. I know i was wrong! but i never wanted to lose you/ thought about losing you.
inyoung: if you didn't want to lose me, you shouldn't have done that! you shouldn't have done that!
sungsoo: don't do it, even so, don't do it.
inyoung wants him to play it fair, the score is now 2:0, he's cheated twice and her nil. he argues that no matter what he did, he never wanted to break up with her, whereas she broke up with him a few times. she fights back saying he's pathetic, can he be a bit cooler and just say he's found another girl he loves and just leave, at least there'd be memories left. before he leaves:
sungsoo: don't go out with that guy, i wasn't thinking straight. i was wrong to you, even if you push me away 100, 200 times, i'm going to find you again. you think straight and don't do it. you can't.

seoyeon goes to find joonee. they bicker for a while about who's a professional and other stuff until she asks what does she need to correct for him to work for her again. his conditions:
1. speak formally to him, he's older than her by 2 years
2. he has no time because he has to prepare for his exhibition/display so he can only go out twice a week
3. change her perfume as his head hurts every time they work together
4. twice a month he wants her to be his model, but he won't pay her much because she doesn't pay him much either
seoyeon agrees but has a condition too, that he doesn't tell her employees about her sleeping with a married man.

the three besties and deoksoo are preparing for the concert as alex arrives, and deoksoo is introduced as hyunjoo's husband. seoyeon likes alex and casts her spell.
inyoung: i realised that day that i was already happy/lucky[hard to translate]. if i'm not happy/lucky now, i won't be so in the future.
she sees sungsoo at the door and thinks back to how he used 3 months of his pay to buy her a guitar.
inyoung: now is the time to choose how to deal with kim sungsoo, i chose to smile. i'm going to smile like we're old friends, like we were never in love. the reason is simple, because i don't want to ruin myself because of kim sungsoo. if he thinks this is me forgiving him, okay, this is a kind of forgiveness too.
sungsoo and inyoung look at each other and sungsoo leaves.

the next day, sunghyun and inyoung go on a date to see some b-boy show/performance. he grabs her hand while cheering the dancers. the couple are chosen to go onstage and dance. inyoung is happy and found the show real fun. sunghyun says he was happy that she had a good time.
sunghyun: i like it when you smile. you're prettiest when you smile.
inyoung: you really want to date me?
sunghyun: aren't we dating now?
inyoung: can you do what i want?
sunghyun: i can't promise you, but i intend to do my best. what do you want from me? tell me what you want.
inyoung: romance. i need romance.


~Episode 8~

this episode begins with a parade of sweet and lovely snippets of dearest sunghyun doting on a very happy inyoung: movie date{why Sunny~ watch action thriller section 7 instead~~}, lunch/dinner date at fancy restaurant, tennis{why is alex there??}, drinks at a classy bar. sunghyun initiates skinship, holding inyoung's hand, putting his arms around her. he looks so happy/lucky{blissful! that's the word!!!}, like a cute puppy who has all the attention he wants.{heartbreakkkk for puppy~ she doesn't love him back!!}

inyoung: i started going out[dating] with bae sunghyun and i liked it. because my heart doesn't flutter, it's comfortable for me and there's no push and pull[i.e. be nice to the guy sometimes but then act cool to keep him interested] so it's great.
why don't we like the same things? why don't you know my heart[how i feel/what i'm thinking]? why don't you say you miss me? why don't you love me as much as i love you?
i liked it because these worries generally associated with love were not present[meaning she doesn't love him so she doesn't worry about all this]. because i didn't love sunghyun, i was able to be free in the relationship. however, it was different for sunghyun.

inyoung is late and hops into sunghyun's car. sunghyun asks why she didn't answer his call this morning and says that she must not have gotten his message. inyoung doesn't even know that he called, or that he sent her a message. sunghyun tells her that he checks his mobile phone over 100 times a day, because he's afraid he might miss her messages{aww such a cute puppy~ how can she not love him!!}. inyoung replies that she'll look at it 100 times too.

the adorable puppy and its owner have a walk. sunghyun asks about what inyoung did yesterday to which inyoung replies[she was with seoyeon and hyunjoo]. his face hardens and asks:

sunghyun: aren't you curious about me? what i did yesterday, how i grew up, what i'm going to do in the future, who i'm close with. you're not curious at all are you?
inyoung: i'm curious, of course i'm curious about a lot of things! what did you do yesterday?
sunghyun: i was waiting for your phone call the whole day!!
inyoung: you should have called!
sunghyun: why do i always have to call first? don't you get the feeling you miss me? why aren't you ever the first to say let's meet? do you really like me?
inyoung pacifies him by asking if there's a movie he wants to watch, but sunghyun is still upset.
sunghyun: how are my clothes today?
inyoung: pretty good~
sunghyun: these clothes are the clothes you said were cool when we worked at the concierge.
inyoung: ah i was thinking that too~
sunghyun: no, you didn't remember at all.

inyoung looks apologetic while angry puppy stomps off in his really tight skinny jeans.

inyoung and alex are playing tennis while sunghyun has a bbongda[think ice cream]. he finds them childish when they high five each other. guess they really like zzapaghetti coz they're having it again today! inyoung and alex do some chit chat while sunghyun gets jealous of how comfortable they are with each other. since sunghyun and inyoung's relationship isn't out in the open, sunghyun quietly tells her off for laughing and smiling like that in front of other guys and warns her not to smile like this ^ ^. he totally cracks it when alex wipes of some sauce on inyoung's face and says that inyoung's boyfriend really hates it when people touch her face. alex assumes that it's autobike and looks around for him. inyoung doesn't dislike sunghyun's display of jealousy but a side of her heart hurt, because seeing sunghyun acting like that was like seeing her old self. she thinks back to when sungsoo and her were out with him eyeballing all the sexy girls and how she was upset at that.

inyoung misses sungsoo and has put the t-shirt she got back from him over a pillow and hugs it tightly. she realises how little by which love and hate differ[the fineline between love and hate] and goes out for a ride on her bike. sungsoo, who has parked in front of her house{that's sunghyun's private carpark by the way!!} watches her ride past without being seen. i'll give it to him for looking sad and pathetic. inyoung learns about longing and what it means, she winds up at sungsoo's building and finds out how painful it is hoping to catch a glance of him from afar. sungsoo takes a camping bag out of his car and leaves, leaving his car parked there. inyoung sees his car there when she gets back and runs into her house, ready to rip him a new one, only to find him missing.

sunghyun and inyoung are taking in the night view [i think it's the Han river but i can't be sure. some river anyway.]. he turns on some music from his car{back at one ♥, hopefully this song will be their song: sunghyun never give up and inyoung finally realise that sunghyun is the one!!!!!!!!!} and takes off his jacket for inyoung like the true third generation chaebol gentleman he is, coz he thought the weather might be cold for her. pulling her into a back hug:

inyoung: it's great isn't it?
sunghyun: yeah it's really great, doing this with you.
inyoung [narrates]: i meant that the music and the feeling of the night was good. so is love like this? making something out of the buildup of little misunderstandings, and having us thinking that that something is love?
sunghyun: let's be together today. be together with me.{despite his bad skin he's so coolllllll~~ love him since i first saw him in pasta~~~ gyaaaaaa!!!}

as sunghyun drops inyoung off, he sees autobike's car and asks whether he comes around every day and if he's not busy. isn't he going to film his next movie??

sunghyun: even though this is an affair, can't you be more considerate? it's not like a baton touch, on the days you're seeing me, concentrate on me! if it's like this i'll get really hurt.
inyoung: how can i concentrate on you more! we practically meet every day!
sunghyun: focus on me at night too!
inyoung: i'll call you tomorrow.[tries to get off car]
sunghyun: call him saying you have to work over time, that you can't go home. wah~ it's some kind of unspeakable/affair situation.
inyoung: so why'd you date someone with an owner[not owner as in keeper, more like a set partner]
sunghyun: owner? did you say owner just now? that guy is your owner? can you talk to me like that without thinking[literal translation is 'just' for this part but it means can you say anything to me, hope you get the gist]. if it's like this i'll seriously be really hurt. i'm a detailed man, a delicate man that gets hurt a lot!! {angry/frustrated puppy hits the wheel after inyoung gets off} what are you doing bae sunghyun! {frustrated puppy drives off angrily}
inyoung narrates: there's no reason why i can't spend the night with bae sunghyun, but i need courage to sleep with him.

so much detail this ep. i'll continue and re-edit this post in an hour. ^-^

sorry for the delay. ><

inyoung is at work and stumbles upon alex playing squash with seoyeon. though surprised, inyoung follows the two up to alex's hotel room and chats to seoyeon while alex showers. when asked if the two slept together, seoyeon admits openly that she slept with him because she wanted to. seoyeon tells inyoung that since they've slept together, she can get to know alex better from now on. must you know the person well before you sleep with him? still in shock, inyoung asks for the details as to how they got together and accuses seoyeon of suggesting to alex that they sleep together. seoyeon denies and says that the right thing to do is make the guy approach you first. we fly back to the night of the house concert. it appears that seoyeon took alex to a nice place to have some wine afterwards and seduced alex by playing footsies{a bar with a pool?}. inyoung who hears of this says:

inyoung: still! i didn't know that you would really do this with 'anybody'!
seoyeon: define 'anybody'?
inyoung: a man that you don't love.
inyoung [narrates]: that's why i didn't sleep with bae sunghyun.
seoyeon: even if it's a man i don't like, it's okay for me.
inyoung: if you do it with a man you don't love, is it good? satisfying?
seoyeon: yeah, it's satisfying in its own way, and at that instant you like that person. you also start to like the guy more after you sleep together. so it's not sleeping with 'anybody'
inyoung: do you think alex finds this as simple as it is for you?
seoyeon: am i responsible for alex's feelings/emotion as well? that's alex's problem.

inyoung tells seoyeon that alex really goes all-in and the last time he broke up he went to the roof top and wanted to jump off the railing. basically alex is a softie and is not like seoyeon. seoyeon tells her to mind her own business, inyoung backs off and leaves grumbling.

inyoung sees kanghee in the lobby who's worried about the missing sungsoo. he hasn't been home for a week, can't be contacted and his phone is off. He has missed his meetings with the production team and people are looking for him. kanghee asks if he's gone to her to which inyoung lies and says he has been finding her every day and it's annoying for her. inyoung goes to sungsoo's apartment and hides when kanghee enters. she over hears kanghee leaving a message on sungsoo's phone:

kanghee: i lost. i said i lost. i know i was wrong to come between the two of you, now that i really know your heart[how you feel], when you return i won't pester[persistently pester] you.
{kanghee seems genuine and i applaud the actress for making me feel for her. in my opinion, kanghee did do wrong but it's mainly autobike's problem. if it wasn't kanghee, there'd be other girls just like her and it's up to autobike to control himself.}

kanghee is waiting in front of inyoung's house when she returns. inyoung narrates that kanghee might be more innocent than she thought but inyoung herself is mean/evil. inyoung makes snide remarks about kanghee being there to protect the car from being stolen and lies about sungsoo being there last night banging on the door and calling her phone to be let in. she asks kanghee why her[kanghee's] boyfriend is still stuck to her[inyoung] and won't leave her alone. evil inyoung also lies that sungsoo slept at her place last night after begging her so much. inyoung takes out a clean pair of pj pants, sungsoo's underwear and her own, only to wet them all and hang them on the clothes line just for kanghee to see. she goes to kanghee and rubs it in with more snide remarks.
inyoung [narrates]: i'm not from a fairy tale, i'm not from a melodrama, i'm the main character of reality. it's lucky that this is reality and not a fairy tale, because in reality the mean/evil ones always win.
inyoung dreams of sungsoo committing suicide by jumping off a cliff and imagines the news talking about his death. she sees hyunjoo and seoyeon telling her off for not forgiving him and how he treated her so well before. kanghee says that if they'd looked for him when she said he was missing this wouldn't have happened.

apparently sungsoo is in the countryside{not shaving and looking like a hobo...a handsome hobo who looked real suave on the tractor}, he doesn't reply to inyoung's messages asking why he parked his car in front of her house and when he's going to remove his car.

he's sitting outside a little shop with a grandpa. a grandma brings out some potatoes(?) and he witnesses the exchange between the couple.
grandpa: how many times do i have to tell you how i want it cooked? can't you even match my taste[as in something so simple]?
grandma: even a woman who has 500 buckets of seasoning won't be able to satisfy you. who's going to match your taste? don't eat it if you don't want to.
grandpa: why can't it be matched? don't you know your husband's taste after 50 years?
grandma: why do you ask me to match you? ask that other woman to match it!
grandpa: is that all you have to say? it happened so long ago.
grandma: didn't you say her dumpling soup was good, go eat off her~ she'll match your taste, every tiny bit!{changed the translation a bit to make it have more sense}
grandpa: boil it again!
grandma: have one. when you get married, don't have an affair, then your wife will treat you well.
grandpa: shouldn't get caught. caught...[as in don't let the wife find out]

alex can't eat because seoyeon isn't picking up his calls. he's troubled and doesn't know what to do. inyoung tells him that he definitely can't get seoyeon if he whines like this.

joonee{omg so cool~ why are all the guys in this drama so handsome~!} and seoyeon arrive at a beach to do the twice a month photo shoot. seoyeon, dressed in a white one piece, looks very innocent and enjoys the sunlight. joonee slips a bag on her shoulder{very cutely} and says let's go. seoyeon drops the bag and walks off.
joonee: hey park seoyeon ssi, aren't you going to carry this?
seoyeon: i don't want to. not carrying it.
joonee: i can't carry everything by myself, carry some too.
seoyeon: i don't want to because i came as a model.
joonee: ah i forgot. park seoyeon ssi is a woman who even gives her handbag to guys to carry right?
seoyeon: say it again seo joonee
joonee: why? was i wrong? i saw it, the guy you were seeing last fall. wore glasses and had curly hair, he was holding the handbag. {liked how he said it, with a hint of jealosuy? or was it mockery..}
seoyeon: i'm a woman who gives my handbag to guys only when i'm dating. i don't do it when i'm working.
joonee: but?
seoyeon: i'm telling you to say it again. those are your luggage. you should ask me respectfully to help you out. what kind of law is it to hang it onto someone else's shoulder?
joonee: can't you help me out? there are four hands and as you can see there's so much stuff.
seoyeon: i'm telling you it's not MY luggage that i MUST carry.
joonee: because i have a lot of luggage today, let's carry it together.
seoyeon: 'can you help me out please?'
joonee: because i have a lot of luggage today, can you help me out a bit please?{cute face}
seoyeon: okay~ should have said it earlier~ lead the way~

joonee takes some very nice pictures of a pure, innocent looking seoyeon. she injures her foot on some glass shard but joonee doesn't see it happen and asks her to keep on running. when they finish they go to the pharmacy and he asks what she's going to buy. she throws a tantrum saying that she wants to be contraceptive pills and tells him off for choosing a place where she can't change or shower. apparently if she knew she would have bought a cheap dress from dongdaemun instead of wearing her expensive dress. joonee sees her limping and helps her clean her wound. when asked why she didn't tell him she was hurt, seoyeon answers that he would have said she was exaggerating. she tells him to clean it lightly and don't let personal feelings influence it[don't clean it roughly because he doesn't like her]. she tells him that she's really angry at him today and closes her eyes in pain. joonee smiles softly.

-second break-
this episode seems longer than episode 7...
a lot more dialogues?


hyunjoo goes to the table tennis club every night to play. she comments that he's singing a song by a singer she dislikes{i love this song!!!} but then remembers seoyeon's remark about not being picky with one-use toothbrushes. deoksoo asks if hyunjoo wants to try out this good restaurant in the building next door. hyunjoo, being a tad bit excited, replies with shall we go sleep. deoksoo falters but follows her off. at the restaurant deoksoo is helping out other customers by giving them tea and answering their requests. hyunjoo asks if this is his relative's restaurant, deoksoo says he's helping out because it's a restaurant in the same neighbourhood. he's okay with people thinking that he works there, while hyunjoo isn't too keen about the idea. deoksoo has bought those books that hyunjoo asked him about last time and plans to read them. a very pleased hyunjoo is sobered up by deoksoo rinsing his mouth, wiping his teeth with tissue and picking at them.

the three friends meet and hyunjoo is once again having troubles with the idea of sleeping with deoksoo: how can she sleep with such a dirty man! inyoung says they should have went drinking, not eating. seoyeon says it's hyunjoo stalling because she's afraid of sleeping with him, and that she'll keep pushing the idea away with other excuses. seoyeon talks about her experience with men, how her first time wasn't easy. first guy, she thought she was going to marry him. when they broke up, she was really worried. what if she finds a new guy she really likes and he finds out she's not a virgin! the second guy was a mama boy, and after they broke up she was really scared! at age 21, she wondered how many guys would she have to sleep with before she got married. hyunjoo remembers that the third guy was a guy who stole from her mum and seoyeon asks if she remembers all the guys of other people. hyunjoo replies that she remembers around ten. seoyeon continues on saying that the major point is that after breaking up with the third guy, the fourth fifth and sixth didn't seem to matter anymore, she doesn't even remember the numbers now. at seoyeon's remark that numbers don't mean anything, hyunjoo asks what has meaning.

seoyeon: it felt like realising that love doesn't last anyway. knowing that no matter how in love two people are with each other, this heart[the passion, the love] will definitely change some time, it became more comfortable. there's nothing that doesn't change.
inyoung [narrates]: i became sadder. seoyeon's right. there's nothing that doesn't change, because even kim sungsoo and i changed[as a couple i think she means].
seoyeon: so just close your eyes and sleep with the guy that wipes his teeth with tissue! at least it's cleaner than not wiping them.
hyunjoo: well than inyoung must have save her country in a previous life. she goes out with the first guy she caught for ten years, if nothing goes wrong they'll get married, kim sungsoo is able, romantic and even gentle! what more can you want! i'm most envious of you.
inyoung remains quite and smiles while hearing this.
seoyeon: they're over. i heard you cried to alex about autobike being a fool. it's over isn't it. right?
hyunjoo: really? why?
seoyeon: he had an affair with yoon kanghee? right?
inyoung: no! we're just fighting at the moment!
{aha so inyoung and sungsoo aren't really broken up?? i thought she broke it off with him clean and clear. so she IS having an affair with sunghyun!!! noooooo~ sunghyun is much too good for inyoung to have an affair with!! too noble!!!!!! i will not have him known as the guy she had an affair with!!}

inyoung calls sungsoo asking about stuff and whether he's eating properly. he shows up at her door asking to be fed like a true hobo, looking like one too. over dinner:
inyoung: did you starve?
sungsoo: how can a body that sinned[did wrong] eat right.
inyoung: if you're done eating, leave.
sungsoo: sit, i have something to say. you said the score was 2:0 right? me 2 you 0.
inyoung: how would i know, if it's 5:0 or 10:0.
sungsoo: what do you mean?
inyoung: you were caught by me 2 times, how am i supposed to know how many time times you weren't caught?
sungsoo: if you count it that way i don't know either. if you're really 0.
inyoung: i really only knew you[i only looked at you], in other words a fool.
sungsoo: you said you kissed someone while dating me. in the ten years we were together it seriously happened twice only. you're good at realising it so i couldn't trick you[hide it from you/ lie to you].
inyoung: who cares if it's 2 times or 10 times
sungsoo: if you feel that it's unfair, make the score the same. although i'd like you to forgive me at this point and go back to how things were before, since you feel that it's unfair, go make the score even. go out with 2 people and come back. let's settle[deal with] my mistake that way. one guy can be that guy, the hoobae at the concierge, find the remaining one guy quickly. finish it quick and the let's get married.
inyoung: kim sungsoo, were you a person like this all along?
sungsoo: thanks for the meal. [picks up his sunghyun's call] hello? please talk, this is inyoung's mobile phone. [after sunghyun hangs up] he's so so, why can't he ask to talk to you confidently?
inyoung: talk[tell me]. why'd you do it? what was i lacking?
sungsoo: it's because i'm a man. that's the reason.
inyoung: don't say things that don't make sense and tell me honestly. what did i do wrong to you?
sungsoo: i told you i didn't do it because i disliked you. you should know it better. how much did we love each other, how could i dislike you?
inyoung: it would have been good if you thought of me once at that time. at that time you totally forgot me right? something like me didn't even come into your mind right? was she[kanghee] so impressive?
[struggle hug]
sungsoo: i missed you.
inyoung: what do you want? what do you get out of doing this?
sungsoo: you
inyoung: you lost it, why look for it after throwing it in the bin?
sungsoo: if i get it again i'm definitely not going to lose it again{was double checking my writing and saw that i mistranslated this line, sorry guys~}. seriously. i'm sorry.

inyoung is busy while sunghyun calls to warn her about getting a surprise later on. at the ceremony, sunghyun is appointed as the CEO and inyoung is in shock. she tries to wake herself up from this dream and makes a fool of herself.

Credit to rockmelon123@ soompi
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