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Videos & pics of Catch me 2012.4.27

Thanks to the fans who are sharing Jeong Hoon's videos and photos in the show^^

Korean fans' report:

Click to enlarge:

Click to enlarge:


Fancams of 8pm performance:

85everlasting nim

Looks like he got a lot of energy there ^^

Fancam from a Sunny's fan, in which Jeong Hoon appeared:

anajal321 nim


DVD JH Diary ranks 5th on Oricon chart

I saw this news yesterday but forgot to post it ^^

The DVD "John Hoon's Diary 2012~ Sa・i・Ka・i" got 5th ranking on its release day on Oricon chart Japan:
Congratulation to Jeong Hoon,
and thanks to the fans who have bought this DVD ^^

By the way, Jeong Hoon didn't know about this news.
When Japan fans congratulated him about this Oricon ranking,
he ask "What DVD??"  lol

Catch me if you can update

Due to the fans who attended Jeong Hoon's Catch me if you can performances today,
Jeong Hoon did a great job^^
He had a tight schedule, he was tired at first,
but when he went on stage, he gradually regained his strength.
Jeong Hoon completed 2 shows smoothly.
His mood seemed better too.
(I don't know, I'm not Jeong Hoon :D )

Thank you everybody for the support you're showing towards him (^__^)

Here is "Catch me" updated schedule, with other actors replacing Jeong Hoon in the changed dates:

If you want to come to Jeong Hoon final show on June 1st,
you better book your musical ticket quickly, because many fans are doing so ^^


Kiss kiss~

Just want to share a lovely gif from Pabo Mom ep 11:

Made by Agie at soompi

By the way, yesterday it was Kim Hyun Joo's birthday,
so the drama's team celebrated her on set:

I hope YJ would end up with the doctor.
They make such a sweet couple^^


Kim Jeong Hoon Releases Album

An article from :

Singer/actor Kim Jeong Hoon has finally released his new album in Japan.

A rep from Kim Jeong Hoon’s agency Mersenne Entertainment met with enews on April 23 and revealed, “It has been more than two years since Kim Jeong Hoon’s last album release. As such, there will be a fan appreciation event along with the release of the album.”

His latest Japanese album will be a cover album of several hit Japanese songs from the 80’s and 90’s by female singers. A rep from Universal J said “Kim Jeong Hoon was able to add his own distinct tone to the original songs. The cover songs have exceeded all expectations.”

Kim Jeong Hoon said through his agency, “I was nervous during the recording since this was my first new album in two years. But I was glad to successfully complete the album. I am extremely grateful to my fans that have waited for more than two years.”

Along with the album release, Kim Jeong Hoon plans to sing a new song at the Shinagawa Stella Hall.

Kim Jeong Hoon, who currently has a busy schedule with his appearance in SBS’ drama Dummy Mommy as well as the musical Catch Me If You Can, will head straight to Japan and start his music activities as soon as the drama production is wrapped up.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
Reporter : Kim, JiYeon (

[Engsub]Pabo mom ep 12 - Jeong Hoon's cut

I don't know why Dailymotion always has to twist my videos,
sometimes they press down the video, this time they heighten it @_@

[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 12, Kim Jeong Hoon's cut


Several "Catch me" performances canceled

Aw, I don't know what to say  T_T

Jeong Hoon's performances of "Catch me if you can" in these dates below has been canceled:

4월29일 일요일 15:00 19:00
5월06일 일요일 15:00 19:00
5월08일 화요일 16:00 20:00
5월11일 금요일 16:00 20:00
5월18일 금요일 16:00 20:00

The ones remain (the one he will still be on stage):

4월27일 금요일 16:00 / 20:00

5월03일 목요일 16:00 / 20:00

5월13일 일요일 15:00

5월20일 일요일 19:00

5월31일 목요일 16:00 / 20:00

6월01일 금요일 16:00 / 20:00


I don't know the reason behind that.
Sorry for the fans who plan to come to those shows.
Please don't be upset, Jeong Hoon has tried his best ^^

Pabo Mom's rating increases

The rating of the drama "Pabo Mom" this week has increased.
Here is an article from Hancinema:

SBS weekend drama "Dummy Mommy" checked its highest record yet

"Dummy Mommy" Ha Hee-ra and Kim Hyeon-joo on dates

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 22nd, "Dummy Mommy" aired on the 21st, rated 12.3%.

Seon-yeong (Ha Hee-ra) and legendary loan shark Go-man (Sin Hyeon-joon) went on a date at the market while fashion magazine editor Yeong-joo (Kim Hyeon-joo) and doctor Je-ha (Kim Jeong-hoon) enjoyed a bicycle date.

Go-man carefully held her hand on the way to the market but got hit in the butt and again, tried to put his arms around her while eating ice cream and fell back.

Yeong-joo was moved when Je-ha told her that she had nothing wrong with her heart and sent her along a present as well. She spent a lovely time with him like a real couple wearing couple hats and looking at cherry blossoms from the bicycle.

The production mentioned, "The fresh romance between Go-man and dummy Seon-yeong and Yeong-joo and Je-ha's romance with the memories of first love will soon start".

Meanwhile, in "Dummy Mommy", Dat-byeol (Ahn Seo-hyeon) coincidentally discovered an ultrasonic wave picture of Chae-rin's (Yoo In-yeong) baby Gil-dong and Soo-in (Kong Hyeon-joo) gets shocked at the relationship between Je-ha and Yeong-joo.

Source :

John Hoon's new album MV

This is from a staff of John Hoon:

The album will come out this May 23rd ^^


Catch me if you can Rehearsal video II

We've had plenty of performance videos from Catch me if you can,
but only one Rehearsal video so far.
Here is the second one, just uploaded today by Mmusical:

It was a great rehearsal ^^

Another fancam of "Catch me" on 2012.04.20,
Kim Jeong Hoon and Sunny,
uploaded by teamadonis:

[Engsub]Pabo Mom ep 11, Jeong Hoon's cut

You may click on "Full screen" to watch it,
I rendered this video at a good quality because this episode is especially sweet ^^

[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 11, Kim Jeong Hoon's cut

Some captures of "Pabo Mom" ep 12


2012.04.20 "Catch me if you can" curtain call

2012.04.20 video, 8pm, Kim Jeong Hoon and Sunny, the role of Carl is also another actor:

Thanks to 85everlasting nim

Quick captures of ep 11 "Pabo Mom"

My new love is Jeong Hoon in a baseball cap <3

(Click to enlarge)

Download links for the episodes are always available at the link I gave you before:


John Hoon Special event for "Voice"

Special events will be held to celebrate John Hoon to resume activities in Japan after three years for the new album "Voice".
They will choose 1600 people (800 pairs) to attend John Hoon's live performances.

Event: John-Hoon's REAL VOICE

■ Date: June 30, 2012 (Sat)
■ Venue: Tokyo Shinagawa Stellar Ball (4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
■ Time:
1st one: (Planned) starting / 15:00 (planned) Doors open at 14:00
2nd one: (Planned) starting / 18:30 (planned) Doors open at 17:30
Each performance is planned to last for one hour.

How to apply:
Collect flyers from these 2 products:
+ "John-Hoon's Diary 2012 ~ SA · I · KA · I ~" Release April 25th (Wed.)
+ ALBUM "VOICE" release May 23rd, Limited Edition or Normal edition

Send them to this address:
東京都港区赤坂8-5-30 ユニバーサル ミュージック合同会社ユニバーサルJ「John-Hoon's REAL VOICE」係

May 31, 2012 counted by post mark



John Hoon new magazine pics

John Hoon's interview in some Japan magazine:

(Click to enlarge)

Haru*Hana Magazine April-May issue: Interview about his new drama Run 60

John Hoon said something about movie "Star Wars 3D" here XDD :

Hanryu Top magazine May issue - John Hoon Towa pics:


"Catch me if you can" new Teaser

A HD teaser video of "Catch me if you can",
you can see Jeong Hoon clearly in his shining outfit ^^

3 capture pics from it:

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks to Mamin san

[Engsub]Pabo mom ep 10 - Jeong Hoon's cut

There is a sweet scene in this episode :D

[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 10, Kim Jeong Hoon's cut

This is just a rough translation,
there surely are mistakes ^^


[Engsub]Pabo mom ep 9 - Jeong Hoon's cut

[Engsub]Pabo mom: Ep 9, Kim Jeong Hoon's cut

This is just a rough translation, please bear with it^^
There are so many medical words in this episode,
I'm not sure if I had them all correct (^_^!)

John Hoon new Japan album "Voice" 2012.05.23

The new jackets arrives!

Limited edition:

Normal edition:

(Click to enlarge)

Track list:

3.fragile(Every Little Thing)
6.あなたに逢いたくて~Missing You~(松田聖子)

初回限定盤 CD+DVD UPCH-9741 ¥3,980(税込)
通常盤   CD    UPCH-1872 ¥3,150(税込)



"Catch me if you can" KJH and Sunny video

All videos we have seen before are Kim Jeong Hoon and Choi Woori (in Brenda's role).
Now we got to see Jeong Hoon and Sunny in the curtain call:

From helianthus 515

Another angle:

From cranberry515

They are fancams from Sunny's fans, so it zoomed more on Sunny's face.
But since our Frank is Brenda's soulmate, so his face appeared partly in the video too.
I'm happy to see his face, or even a quarter of his face :D

Quick captures and gif of Pabo Mom ep 10

From LHRCN & Agie @soompi:

* Big spoiler ahead

In slow mo :D


"Catch me if you can" BTS

(Click to enlarge)


The blog author also said that she talked with Jeong Hoon's mom.
His mom told her that Jeong Hoon was a little bit sick that day.
Aww T_T
I hope Jeong Hoon will get well soon.

Some cute gifs from Pabo Mom ep 9

The handsome doctor and his patient ^^

From Agie @soompi

Some quick captures of ep 9 Pabo Mom

Torrent link for ep 9 (KOR version):
From semi-fly @soompi

* Spoiler:

YJ survived, but her heart is still in bad condition.
Doctor LJH took care of her, which is so sweet like that :

Thanks to LHRCN & Agie @soompi


Doctor LJH's fiance coming back

In the episodes of Pabo Mom this weekend,
doctor Lee Jea Ha's fiance is coming back from USA (to keep him from Yeong Joo, I guess?)

She looks beautiful. But his heart yearns towards Yeong Joo.
What can we do now?

Another young actor was added to the cast of Pabo Mom:

Credit: soompi
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