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[Engsub]Ep 13 Her Legend: Video & Summary

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(Haha he looks so cute ! )


DY confronted JS and now that JS is at the beach recalling that, she is despondent, realising that DY did not recognise her at all.
Inside his home, JH is preparing food once again for the two of them.
He's showing her how to solve the puzzle :) JS was SO impressed!
They are eating together - seems comfortable with each other. Probably talking about her situation.
JH left the house leaving JS on her own. She's looking through her phone, then putting it back in her bag. Fell asleep on the couch. JH slept in the car.

Morning has broken and JH's phone rang.
It was MK calling. At the office, MK came face to face with KH. KH refused to answer something that MK asked.

Scene shifts to KH's mum with DY in DY's house. DY found the lucky bag JS gave to her. I think she suddenly recalled something. Oh, it's the photo KH tore up after the earlier confrontation between KH and JS>

Another delivery to JS, this time it's food! Soooo sweet.
In the basement carpark, a careless KH who was on the phone while driving (prob talking to her mum) knocked into JH.

At the hospital, JH in an ankle and wrist casts, limping.

KH drove JH home. JH deflecting her offer of more help, I think, since JS is in the house.
JS leaving the house and JH hamming it up, pretending to be in more pain. A look of glee on his face cos JS is cooking some food for him.

JS still wants to leave and he is doing everything he can to stop her from leaving. Asked her to help him with the side dishes, hahaha. She had to put the food on his spoon.

Doorbell rings and it's KH at the door, oh no! She brought him food (prob abalone porridge!) and she made her way in. Earlier, JH kicked away to hide JS's shoes. Good thing JS saw KH and crouched behind the kitchen cabinet... now she's hiding in the kitchen cupboard when KH went into the kitchen.

JH relieved that JS was not spotted. JS crept out of the cupboard and moved to the living room, crouching where the sofas are. She recalled something KH said from the convo KH had with JH.

Oh no, KH saw JS'S handbag and at the door entrance, saw her sneakers too.

KH sitting on a bench talking to MK.

KH driving and JS walking on the sidewalk with her little case and now in a jimjjibang. JS was online to check on the design case.

A cute JH lying on the sofa missing JS, looking at the big teddy and solving his math puzzle.

KH was waiting for JH when he left the house for work. JH had a look of exasperation hehe. She drove both of them to work. Talking in the car in the carpark.
JS on the phone - might be a job offer?

Yes it is. She's showing the interviewer her portfolio, yay!

Ooops, a dejected JS leaving the interview :(

Back at the jimjjibang, JS's best friend joins her. Talking.

JS's phone rings - it's a call from the home shopping network.

Scene shifts to studio. JS turns up.

JS allowed to rearrange the bags display. Lady staff (the host) was very friendly and appreciative.

Okay, time for the show to begin.

Focus on the bags. JS's uncle shows up at the studio. They are talking outside the building.

Uncle probably explaining the situation and apologising and JS has tears in her eyes... the hurt must be soooo deep. It's something that cannot be forgiven so easily. JS left.

Ahahahaha, JH joined JS in the jimjjibang - limping towards JS and brought with him a mat. JH lying down and moaning a little to exaggerate his discomfort.

A jealous and protective JH did not like a man close by looking at JS.

JS putting away her design book and lying down to rest. JH keeping a watchful eye over her. Man moves closer to JS and JH positioned himself between them. Haha, another guy moves closer to JS too and poor JH positioned and repositioned himself... so funny.
JH putting up a cushion-wall around JS.... so cute, so funny... best bf ever! Had a big grin on his face.

After waking up, JH offered food (hard-boiled egg) which JS refused. JH wants to go into the sauna but didn't succeed in getting JS to go along with that.

Back at the office, a board meeting is going on. Don't know why the executives were clapping.

Lunch table scene with grandpa, JH, KH, Soo Ho, and KH's adoptive dad. Grandpa prob talking about KH favourably to JH.

KH looking pleased - probably in favour of the relationship. Talking to JH and saying she likes him.

I think JH is outrightly rejecting KH but boy, is that girl persistent and conceited.

JS with the home-shopping executive, filling up a form or contract. She hesitated and did not put her seal on it.

JS left the network.

On line, something about JS's bag design was posted.

KH had an incredulous look on her face when she saw the posting.

JS and her friend looking at same site. Must be something good that cleared JS's name.

Meeting among the executives and separately JS with Soo Ho in his office.

As seen in preview, a made-over JS approached the building.

At office corridor, JS came face to face with KH and another executive. KH saw JS wearing a staff tag. Face-off time!

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