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Text preview Ep 11 Her legend & some English comments

Text preview for Ep 11, 12 next week on jtbc's homepage:

To help Jeong Soo, Min Ki tracks down Do Yeong and discovers that Kyeong Hee was adopted into Do Yeong's family instead of Jeong Soo.

Meanwhile, terrified that Do Yeong will find out how she was tricked into adopting her in place of Jeong Soo, Kyeong Hee plans to have Jeong Soo sent to study abroad.

Jin Ho, determined to establish Jeong Soo's innocence, leaks a story that Red Milan allegedly stole the design from Shinwha, causing Red Milan to produce evidence that Jeong Soo's design has nothing to do with them at all.

Thank to baduy at

By the way, international audience of the drama were saying that Do Jinhoo's english was quite good in Ep 10 ("much better than Kyunghee's english"), and they praised him for the effort ^^

I do hope that next time we meet, he could at least tell me:  "Hello, long time no see..." 

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