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[Engsub]Ep 10 Her legend: Video and Summary

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Summary of ep 10:

Do-Jinhoo is doing his own inquiries on the Red Milan issue. He talked to some "Mathieu" on the phone in English, and this Mathieu said: getting the info JH asked for wasn't proving as easy to get as he'd expected, because the in-house design operations were kept under very tight security. But he would keep trying and get back to JH as soon as he could.

Soo Ho (Jung Soo's real father) asked for any information HR might have on JS, prompted by her visit to his office (which in turn was inspired by Jinhoo's insistence that she owed it to herself not to walk away without trying to make her case) in which she expressed her disgust at Soo Ho's cynical putting the firm's reputation before everything else and said how he had made a very different impression on her through the article she had once cut out and kept about his ideals and achievements (including his Walt-Disney-derived motto that was on that card that came with the gift pack he sent after the young JS).

The uncle went to see Kyunghee in the naive belief that she doesn't know what's happened and will be ready and eager to intervene on JS's behalf. There's a priceless moment when he says imploringly to KH that even though she never got on with JS, she surely must know as well as he does that she's an honest girl through and through and totally incapable of lying. "Really?" says KH with feigned indignation. "So what does that say about me, then?" She's brazenly unfazed by the fact that she knows full well what it says about her, and that what it says is bang-on correct, but she's a skilled player on her father's guilt-feelings at loving his niece and detesting his daughter.

When KH disillusions him about her willingness to help, saying she's glad to see the back of JS because she's shown yet again what sort of thieving trash her father had dragged into their previously happy home, he is shattered. He's walking glumly along the corridor when he encounters Soo Ho, and each of them recognizes the other with obvious surprise as a face from the unpleasant past, and they repair to SH's office.

But unless I missed something during a bout of buffering, the uncle doesn't bring up JS's issue at all, or say what he actually came to the company for. Instead, he lambasts SH for toying with then abandoning his sister Hye Jeong, causing her to be alienated from her family and to die a lonely death. That latter part, indeed the whole notion that his casting her aside was a devastating blow to Hye Jeong from which she never recovered, is obviously a new and shocking discovery to SH, who apparently had assumed she would soon get over him and find someone more worthy of her. I didn't hear any mention of JS at all. So, it would seem that the Uncle doesn't know (or chooses not to say, even if he worked it out) that SH is not only his sister's former lover but also JS' father, and that SH, not knowing that Hye Jeong gave birth to his child after he abandoned her, still doesn't know that he has a daughter, let alone that that daughter is none other than JS. Ironic that, in a drama where the #1 male lead is a math wizzkid, some of the other characters can't even begin to put two and two together, never mind draw the shortest line between two points.

Soo Ho's wife was in the department store with her lifelong friend Do Yeong (the kind ajumma), and getting a call from her husband explaining he'd be back later than expected, but not of course letting on that that was because he was going to indulge in some conscience-airing on a cliff-top, missing JS's visit to the same cliff-top to talk to the same deceased person by a matter of mere minutes.
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