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JTBC’s [Her Legend] taps Choi Jung-won as leading lady

Now, this article from dramabeans is a little bit funny,
but I hope you guys are tolerate enough to read it :D


JTBC’s Her Legend taps Choi Jung-won as leading lady
by javabeans | June 12, 2013

''And now JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Her Legend has a heroine, after having just cast Kim Jung-hoon to play the leading man.

All we’d been told earlier was that this drama would feature two women with “swapped” fates and a chaebol prince who has everything (Kim Jung-hoon being that prince). Now we have the description of the main female character as a woman who came from nothing—no money, no grand education, no big family ties—who nevertheless has a bright and plucky personality despite her difficult circumstances. The drama will follow her success story in the luxury handbag world, where she makes a name for herself on nothing more than her talent. So… sort of like Cinderella Man and Ad Genius and Fashion King and Me Too, Flower?

So on one hand, a big fat meh. Another Candy and Prince Charming romance, set in the world of fashion? I don’t care if it’s JTBC, this is a setup that has been done to death (and then beat with a stick even in death, because surely that dead horse has more to give).

On the other hand, as a small sliver of consolation, at least Choi Jung-won is cute in this type of role. She’s the kind of actress who can bore me to sleep in plodding dramatic roles, and in fact I’d sort of written her off as just another pretty face until Wish Upon a Star came along and she was bright and bubbly and pretty adorable as the hard-working big-sister-turned-mother-of-five.

As another upside, the drama is directed by PD Lee Seung-ryul, whose credits include the seminal 1992 trendy drama Jealousy, which basically MADE the Korean rom-com drama genre we know today. A catch: His last drama was in 2005; has his style kept up with the times? Producing is Logos Film, which produced KBS’s hit weekender You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly.

Her Legend follows Heartless City and premieres in July.

Via Joy News ''

(Well, at least javabeans do care for this drama, because she has written 2 articles about it herself, while there are many other writers on her website ^^  
I just hope that the horse is not totally dead, yet :-D  )

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