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Update about drama "Her legend"

John Hoon has just written a message for Hoonees to say that he'd finally begun the shooting for this drama.
Fighting fighting. I hope you are in a good shape, Jeong Hoon ^^

He even wrote Japanese words in Hangul: "민나~~겡끼??ㅋㅋ" (Everybody, how are you? Kkk )
How cute it was.

(Thanks to oryosan)

Another article on

Kim Jeong Hoon To Star In New Drama “Her Legend”
By Evan+  on June 17, 2013

Hard to believe it’s been nearly thirteen years since Kim Jeong Hoon debuted as one half of the popular group UN (anyone remember this ? ). Since then, he’s ventured beyond music, becoming an actor, even appearing in the 2012 stage adaptation of Catch Me If You Can (in the role made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio).

So what now? A new drama titled Her Legend, where he plays the wealthy heir to a fashion corporation. Asked about the character, he said, “I thought the character was very much like me when I first read the script. I have wanted to try something like this.”

So what can we expect? “It will be an opportunity for viewers to see a whole new side of me,” he said.

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