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[Article]"Singer Kim Jung Hoon 'LOVExFILM' DVD Ranks Number 7 on Japan Oricon Daily Chart"


Singer Kim Jung Hoon's video DVD, 'LOVExFILM', has ranked number 7 on the Oricon Daily chart.
This album, which was released on January 28 to celebrate his best album, was seen at number 7 on the chart.

'LOVExFILM' features music videos of 'Message', 'Orion' and others as well as footage of him recording his new song, "Last Love."
It also includes behind the scene footage from the making of his 'LOVExBEST' best album as well an interview.

To celebrate his best album, he also wrote a handwritten message for his fans to thank them for their support.

Kim Jung Hoon expressed his happiness after hearing news of ranking on the Oricon chart.

On the other hand, Kim Jung Hoon will be attending a Korea-Japan concert in Shibuya next month.

By Diana Shin

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