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Kim Jeong Hoon Chosen As the Main Character For "The City of the Sun"


Singer and actor “Kim Jeong Hoon” has been cast as the main character in co-produced drama by Korea and Japan.
“Kim Jeong Hoon” has been chosen as the main character “Kang Tae Yang”, in the drama [The City of the Sun].
[The City of the Sun] is a 20-episode short series that is based on the original novel, [The Bones of Steel] which was made into a drama in NHK, Japan.

The drama is about ‘construction consultation’ and “Kim Jeong Hoon” is going to play “Kang Tae Yang” who is against the corruption of the construction business and whose desire is build buildings that people can actually live in.

As soon as the actress for the female main character is cast, [The City of the Sun] will begin its filming.

Meanwhile, “Kim Jeong Hoon” has made his comeback in Korea with his new mini album ‘5091.’

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