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[Eng] Kim Jeong Hoon Explains Rumors About His Family, Image and More

A long and interesting article about Kim Jeong Hoon's interview a while ago.


[Interview] Kim Jeong Hoon Explains Rumors About His Family, Image and More

2014.07.05 16:00

A former member of UN, Kim Jeong Hoon explained the numerous rumors about him.

Releasing a new solo mini album on July 3, singer and actor Kim Jeong Hoon met with Newsen and shared his thoughts on the ‘prince’ image he had when he was a member of UN.

About his ‘prince’ and ‘umchinah’ image, Kim Jeong Hoon said, “I felt pressured but I felt grateful to hear that when I was at that age. But now it’s really embarrassing. I’m a lot older and I feel pressured and embarrassed to be called those things when there are so many pretty boys out there now.”

He then explained the numerous rumors surrounding him one by one.

Kim Jeong Hoon started, “There was a rumor saying that my family is a chaebol but that’s not true. My father is a government worker and my mother is a housewife.”

He continued, “Many people also think that I am a perfectionist but I’m not. I’m very easy going. Sometimes I get things started and never get to finish them. I make a fuss over small things and become broadminded about big things. I have many flaws.”

Lastly, Kim Jeong Hoon explained that he is not as smart as people think he is. He said, “Many people told me that I was elite in the past but this is not true anymore. I can’t even go on KBS 2TV’s 1 vs. 100 with my brain now. Of course I would do well if they only gave out questions related to science, which I’m interested in, but I don’t know anything when it comes to politics, economics, current events or social culture.”

[Interview] Kim Jeong Hoon Explains Rumors About His Family, Image and Morelarge view

Having explained the rumors that surrounded him for the past 14 years, Kim Jeong Hoon revealed his future plans and dreams.

“I don’t live my life according to a plan. I tend to just go with what happens. Now that I’m older, I would like to study more when I have the time and try teaching others. I also want to make a company with people around me to train junior entertainers. I once said that I want to make a research institute and I still would like to. I want to live my life happily.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jeong Hoon’s new mini album releasing on July 3 contains four songs, including the title song One Day (translated).

Photo credit: Mersenne Entertainment

Reporter : Jeon Ah Ram | Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

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