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Updates about the cast of "Her legend"

Shim Eun-jin joins JTBC "Her Legend"


JTBC drama "Her Legend" has welcomed actress Shim Eun-jin.

"Her Legend" will be aired in July after "Heartless City" with Shim Eun-jin in the role of Goo So-yeong.
(That information might be wrong. Other sources said that the drama will air on August 5th - Kappa Sub)

Goo So-yeong is a senior at Parson's School where Kim Seo-hyeon (Son Eun-seo) and Kang Min-ki (Park Yoon-jae) attended. She returns to Korea and works at the Sinhwa design team then joins the Luna Project with Seo-hyeon's help. She's bad tempered but knows personal life and business are separate things so treats her juniors with respect as they are her superiors at work.

Shim Eun-jin said, "I am happy to be back after a long time and I can't wait to work with the staff and casts".

Shim Eun-jin is currently opening her own exhibition and will go into filming as soon as it's over.

JTBC drama "Her Legend" will be aired in mid July at 9:50PM.
(That information might be wrong. Other sources said that the drama will air on August 5th - Kappa Sub)



Park Yoon Jae Joins JTBC’s New Drama, “Her Legend”


Actor Park Yoon Jae has joined general-programming channel JTBC’s upcoming drama, “Her Legend”, with Choi Jung Won, Son Eun Seo and Kim Jung Hoon.

Popeye Entertainment Agency confirmed that he was cast in the role as Chi Kangmin.

“Her Legend” is about two women with different fates and a man who has everything.

In the drama, Park Yoon Jae’s character, Kangmin, graduated from prestigious university with the help of his guardian. He possesses an extraordinary sense of Fashion. He was tender of aspect and an outstanding man.

“Staffs, co-actors and others, let’s work together to make this show good. I’ll do everything possible”, Park Yoon Jae said through his agency.

“Her Legend” premieres next month taking over the time slot currently occupied by “Heartless City”.

Meanwhile, Park Yoon Jae received recognition through MBC’ ‘Iron Daughters-in-Law’ in 2011, and he’s currently acting & gaining popularity as a charismatic president in SBS Drama, “Your Woman”.

Park Yoon Jae is the younger brother of actress Chae Rim.
(No wonder his face is so familiar. That smile, Chae Rim ^^  - Kappa Sub)

Source: News.SportsSeoul


Okay, so as I understand, all four characters here possess excellent quality: Kim Jeong Hoon is a smart prince, Choi Jeong Won is sort of Cinderella, Son Eun Seo hides her true identity to succeed, then Park Yoon Jae has an extraordinary sense of Fashion and is an outstanding man!
Are we watching the Fantastic Four? :-D

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