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[Eng]2nd teaser trailer of The Genius 3

English subs galore, people!
4 teaser videos at the moment, 3 of them have Jeong Hoon's scenes,
all with english subtitles :-)

The Genius S3E1 Preview :

The Genius 3: Black Garnet Ep.1 Teaser (Kim Jeonghoon) :

"Kim Junghoon

- An IQ of 146 and ranked 67th in the nation as a student! His hobby is solving maths problems! The most requested player by "The Genius" viewers!

- A singer turned actor Kim Junghoon! The original umchinah has returned on The Genius!

- Asia's prince who won a maths quiz show on Japan's Fuji TV 2 years in a row!"

The Genius 3: Black Garnet Ep.1 Teaser (Hweejong)

Subbed by Bumdidlyumptious3

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