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[Engsub]Ep 17 Her legend: Video and Summary

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Summary of Ep 17:

Do Jin Hoo's grandpa died. The member of the board of directors all voted Soo Ho as the next president even the people on JH side that might support him, were pressured to pick SH when the majority of the other people attending the meeting already voted for SH.

JH ran out after the votes were done and ask Kyung Hee if the proposal she made was still on the table and agreed to her terms after she said yes.

SH's assistant told him about KH background.

SH has jumped to the conclusion that KH is his daughter. And when he asks her about her family background, tells her about her grandfather (who, of course really is her grandfather, as well as being JS's) and how he stole his book of secrets and used it to rise to he present position, she of course confirms the "truth"that she was indeed the orphaned illegiimate daughter of her "uncle's" sister. She remembers how her parents revealed to her how So Hoo had once been in love with JS's mother but had been rejected by JS's family when he betrayed them, and realizes herself that JS must be SH's daughter. So she too grasps that he's jumped to this wrong conclusion and is obviously thinking how she can exploit it. That's what makes the meeting at the restaurant so multiply embarrassing for all concerned, apart from SH's idiot of a wife who is oblivious to all the times she is putting her foot in it with her questions and observations.

After her reunion with DY, JS says she doesn't want any special help from her. She's determined to set up her new business in her own way by her own talents and resources, and DY respects and accepts that. JS is also content for KH to stay -- and suffer -- in her impostor's role for as long as DY finds it tolerable. DY's husband suggests to his wife that the kindest thing for all concerned would be to let KH leave Korea for good and make a new life and career for herself in the States: if she will agree to that, they won't disown or expose her.

MK, having resigned his position at Shinwha out of disgust at SH's plotting, volunteers to join JS's new company. He has no ulterior motive, though, because he makes a point, very early on, of impressing on JS how much JH is suffering and hinting that it would be a good idea if she went to support him. But JS is still too full of self-doubt and guilty suspicions that she has hastened the President's demise to do any more than lurk outside JH's house and retreat behind a typically convenient Kdrama bush when he shows up.

JH hasn't agreed to marry KH, however. He's agreed to the "contract" engagement she suggested, which the Drama Fever subs misleadingly translate as a "secret" engagement. Quite the contrary, her suggestion is that the engagement should be very much a public one: the "secret" part is that supposedly neither party is seriously committed to marrying. They want to give that impression for their own purposes (in particular, JH needs that appearance of being "grown up" to fight back against SH and win control of the company. Whether KY really sees the engagement purely as a convenient sham is, of course, another matter (as is how JS will react when the engagement is announced, as it presumably will be in tomorrow's episode).

Incidentally, it looks as though as well as giving MK a job, JS is also providing him with a suitable girlfriend in the shape of the associate she's recruited as her co-designer. My only worry is that this girl has a sort of 80%+ resemblance to JS (or at least she did on the low-resolution stream, maybe she''l look different at 450p or higher). Let's just hope that the rampant youthful SH hasn't stocked JS's workshop with three half-siblings....

One striking thing about SH is that he's now thrown away three chances of being a responsible and admired father. After discarding JS's mother (though he never knew she was pregnant) he went on to "adopt" the ophaned MK (though the suggestion that his motives for doing that were anything but merely charitable is still in the air) only to have him turn against him when he rashly assumed MK would share his own ruthless ambition and abet him in his skullduggery. And the point of the "fishing" scene today was that the young and recently orphaned JH was asking SH to take his father's place in his life, and apparently receiving his assurance that he would do just that, an assurance he had blithely believed (despite MK's warnings) until the President's death revealed the nature and scope of SH's ambitions.

In the teaser for tomorrow we see SH telling KH that she's his daughter.

In the preview, JH and JS made up and there is even a kiss between them. Plus Ahjumma and JS are seen sleeping in the same bed, it seems JS came to Ahjumma's house.

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