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On the final filming day of Her Legend 2013.10.08

Her Legend's crew was filming until the very moment before its last episode aired ^^
Jeong Hoon's fans had put a coffee stand in the filming location for him and for the crew to enjoy.

Jeong Hoon proudly took picture in front of the coffee stand "Mr Kim":

The coffee menu:

-헤이즐넛라떼/ヘーゼルナッツラテ/hazelnut latte
-카페모카/カフェモカ/Cafe Mocha
-그린애플에이드/グリーンアップルエイド/green apple ade
-핫&아이스 쵸코/ホット&アイスチョ/Hot&ice choco
-카페라떼/カフェラテ/Cafe latte
-몽키라떼(바나나라떼)/モンキーラテ(バナナラテ)/monkey latte (banana latte)
-녹차라떼/緑茶ラテ/green tea latte
-유자마티니/ゆずマティーニ/citron martini

커피 외에도 다양한 메뉴가 있어요~^^
In addition to coffee, There is a varied menu ~^ ^

From DclilyEvent Jh

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