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[Engsub]Ep 19 Her Legend: Video and Summary

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Summary of ep 19:

"Episode started with the crying and kissing scene. I like JH's style, once he's know his heart, he's very determined to be with JS. The next day immediately he looked for KH to tell her the contract engagement is off. But KH kept on asking him to continue but he refused.

Poor MK, after he saw JH dragged JS out. He know he has lost JS to JH that he worked out at squash court. JS did call him to check and even went to the park to look for him but MK hidden himself from her and I think he confessed to her.

Jung So compared Kyung Hee to a fake bag, asking how long she will continue living as a fake.

Ahjumma has given JS the form for adoption, JS told her that she is currently thinking of it.

The next day KH met up with JH and said that her adopted parents have found out she's not JS. And she begged him again to continue the contract engagement with her. I love JH here cos hes very determined once he know that JS loves him too. So he refused outright.

Ara called JS and told her about the venue problem and about KH scheme to sabotage their launching.

JS' team won . JS was so happy that she yelled and jumped around. MK laughed to see her actions. Then she asked MK if he's happy. He said he's very happy to see her happy too so he also yelled and jumped around.

Now, I think KH's spinning some tale to Soo Ho about her being his daughter.

What an idiot JS biological father is, his wife wanted to tell him what she learnt from Ahjumma, that KH is fake over the phone and it was JS she intended to adopt but as usual, he cuts her off and tells her to they should talk later.

Now, something's fishy with that delivery van with Alberto's logo on it. And it seems JH is alarmed by that list he just received.
Those documents JH received must be details of Soo Ho's wrong doings."

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  1. Thanks for the summary. I am so excited to know how they conclude the show tonight. Will JeongHoon end up happily with JungWon? I really hope for happy ending :) Btw, I would like to thanks you for explaining the share and the agreement JS has with JH's late granddad. I was not able to understand that part but was just as happy when the screen moves to JH and JS reconcilation :) Now I able to connect the story :)

    1. You're welcome Marie Tan, I'm also thankful to those fans who share their explanations without them I couldn't grip the show ^_^
      Kappa Sub


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