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Kim Jeong Hoon & Choi Jeong Won's messages before Her Legend final episodes

Choi Jeong Won's message on her me2day 2013.10.06


English trans:

"Her Legend .... There were a lot of really tough moments, but that only made me truly love the work all the more. Even today, I'm off to a location to nail down some final shots."

Trans baduy @

그녀의 신화, 이제 다음주가 마지막입니다.
도진후 책상..언제 또 앉아 볼지..
드라마 촬영 내내 응원해 주신 분들 정말 감사드리고
다음주에도 본방사수!

Rough translation:

"Her Legend, next week is the last episode.
Do Jin Hoo's desk .. When will I be sitting on it again.
To those who have supported throughout the drama, I would really like to thank you
Good luck shooting for next week!"

Trans by Kappa Sub


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