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[Eng] Kim Jeong Hoon's interview in Concert Intro Video

(Captures from higo san's ameblo)

This is a rough english translation from the videos that I posted 2 days ago,
there might be many errors.
New youtube links for them:

Kim Jeong Hoon's interview in the Intro Video,
Möbius strip Concert in Seoul 2012

Question : Are you waiting for a new love?
Answer (John Hoon): I might have a love story here and there, but ...
I believe I have run out of the feeling that "Love and passion is everything" in the early sensible 20s.
Those kinds of feeling are not with me anymore, and the thought of "I want a new beautiful love" seems to have been lost.
However, if a person of the same beat as mine appears, there may be such a love...

Q : How would you consider for your next love?
A : I would concentrate more, to not miss it if such a person appears!
Because I'm rather aged now...
I'm not actually thinking about marriage and love right now,
but if there's a possibility to meet someone, I would weight for a long-term relationship.
I will have to act carefully and cautiously

Q : Do you originally plan to follow acting career?
A : It's a very interesting fact: opportunities seemed to always have come to me at a time of wandering.
I began my singing career at a time of wandering in college.
It was wonderful to be a singer at that messy period of life.
Then, there appeared many conflicts and various issues with the company
So, UN was disbanded, both members were parting, it was a difficult time
What to do then? It was a time of wandering of mine.
Luckily, offers from drama production company came to me at that time.
So it was a start to my acting career.

Trans by Kappa Sub

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