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[Engsub]Ep 18 Her legend: Video and Summary

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Summary of Ep 18:

Soo Ho has become head of the Shinwha Group. In order to gather shareholder support, Jin Hoo says he will enter a contract engagement with Kyung Hee.

KH goes down on her knees to Do Yeong and Jong Wook and begs their forgiveness, but this only makes them even more perplexed about what to do with her.

Attorney Yoon, who supported Soo Ho and betrayed President Do, fears he will be discarded once he has outlived his usefulness, so he passes important information about the stockholders to Jin Hoo.

Discovering that he was the reason why she left the company, Jin Hoo rushes back to Jeong Soo.

JH's last words this episode, to JS:
"Installments won't do. I want a lump sum payment, and no arguing!"

KH isn't not trying to get into Soo Ho's family. Her last desperate ploy involves a tactical alliance with JH to allow him to gain enough stockholder votes from the voting rights given to Sekyeong as part of the joint venture agreement which he once brokered. Soo Ho is furious at the engagement announcement, because he fears it will swing the Sekyeong faction over to JH and away from him, exactly as JH intends. So he angrily summons KH and plays what he thinks is a trump card by revealing to her that he is her father, believing this will make her change plan. He is horrified when she scoffs at this claim, saying she knows very well who her biological father is, and it most certainly isn't him.. This dumbfounds SH, who is at a loss to figure out what can have happened to his daughter in that case. Plainly, some noxious solvents used to treat leather have inflicted the same mental damage on him as on JS's uncle, since neither of them has still glimpsed the blindingly obvious truth.

As for telling her adoptive parents about her engagement plans, KH precedes this announcement by confessing her deception when she realizes the game is up, and the only way she can mitigate the consequences of being discovered is by volunteering a confession at the very last moment before one is forced out of her. When DY and Jong Wook react to her admission by frankly admitting that they don't know what to do next, she begs them to let her continue playing the role of their daughter until her marriage (which she is obviously desperately hoping to bring about, even though she assured JH that the engagement was only for temporary show). After that, she will be out of their lives and they can take JS into their family if they wish to. DY in particular seems willing to agree to this after JS assured her that it doesn't matter to her one single bit whether she is publicly taken into the family now that she knows "her ajumma" hasn't forgotten her and they can be together in private as and when they like, saying that she'd actually prefer that to seeing KH thrown out, not because she has any sympathy for KH, but because she senses that having to do that would make DY feel uncomfortable after all the years she has spent regarding KH as a loving and devoted daughter.

But of course DY is also far from "comfortable" with the situation KH wants to prolong and JS is prepared to tolerate, and when she falls ill under the strain, she admits to her husband that the only remedy that will work is neither hospital treatment or medication, but having JS with her. Hence KH's shock, after thinking she's been granted a stay of execution, at finding JS tending to DY and sleeping in her bed.

She insists on driving JS back to her workplace the next day so she can deliver her final malicious blow by telling JS of her engagement to JH (news which is to be broken to other people later that same day), mocking what she knows are JS's secret feelings for JH and claiming to her that once again, she, KH has won out over her, and that she was able to do so because JH, just like KH herself, knows where his own social and financial advantage lies and ruthlessly goes for it. JS came close to costing JH the company, whereas she, KH, is the best chance he has of seizing it back and holding it, so only someone as naive and innocent as JS could be surprised at his choice of KH over JS.

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