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[Engsub]Ep 20 Final Her Legend: Video and Summary

Watch online ep 20 with engsubs:

Summary of ep 20:

"It started with Soo Ho (Jung Soo's dad) and Jin Hoo in their conference room. JH gave a speech and evidence to prove his discoveries about Soo Ho. In the end, JH won. SH was very mad but what can he do. Kyung Hee fled Shinhwa and had a heart attack during driving. Kyung Hee at the hospital when Soo Ho rushed there upon hearing the news. Do Young and hubby also arrived at the same time as SH. Later they were joined by KH's real parents. During the conversation and chaos, SH found out that KH is the daughter of JS' uncle. So he went to look for JS' uncle and tried to dig for more info. JS' uncle worked up why he kept on asking about JS and suddenly his mind clicked that maybe SH was the dad. At that time, JS arrived and called "samchon" ("uncle"). SH looked at her. The uncle grabbed his collar and fight but JS stopped her uncle. At that moment, KH was wheeled into emergency room with all the parents frantically calling her name. So uncle has to leave with JS following him.

When KH was in the room, her mum asked everyone to leave the room saying things like because of what happened, that's why KH's heart got problems. She's always anxious and so on. The adopted parents left the room. JS stayed behind but the aunt-in-law asked her to leave too.

KH woke up while the mum was still sleeping. She slipped out from the hospital and drove to the nunnery. Of course her parents and adopted parents were worried about her. I think even Min Ki asked someone to look for her.

SH waited for JS to appear by the road side. Hmmmm it seems that if someone want to see JS, just wait by the road just like DY earlier. SH and JS went somewhere else to talk. Both cried. JS cried because SH abandon her mum and her. She did asked him why...well need to wait for subs to know more . SH cried and told JS that he didn't know about her existence.

JS met up with Jin Hoo to tell him about Soo Ho and her. JH was stunned but this couple is very strong cos nothing can block their relationship

The designing team at Shinhwa welcomed JS as their team leader. But then later JS went to JH with her resignation letter. JH asked was it because of SH, JS said nope... she had her own dreams. So JH had to let her go.

So cute JH tried to make a bag for JS with his own hands. Of course he get someone to teach him how to cut the leather. He managed to finish the bag but I think its quite rough .

Oh yes, after SH left Shinhwa, he went to a village and became a farmer. Hmmm I'm thinking, where was his wife? She didn't follow him? MK went to visit him and passed JS' letter to him.

The dinner for JH and JS was so cute . JS tried to dig into her 2 cups of icecream to see if there's a ring. JH was aware of that and smiled. Then he tried to do some magic to distract her attention from him while he fished out a necklace. The necklace was lovely with a diamond bag as pendant. JS loved it . I guess that's must be a proposal. And then JH told her, there's one more. JS was so excited. JH took out the bag for her. JS smiled to see his handiwork, later he tried to grab it back. Embarrassed about his work, he said its not done and wanted it back but JS kept on saying its hers now.

Her Legend ended with JS went back to her own office and many people came filling her vacancies. Last scene, she was briefing them about making begs. "

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  1. Thank you for writing the recap. I hope to come back here soon for more of JeongHoon's shows as I love his shows. Take care.

    1. Thank you Marie Tan,
      I hope to see you around too :)

  2. Where's the finale video? Please upload...I love this movie..


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