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[Eng] Preview for ep 19 Her Legend

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English translation:

"Kyung Hee somehow sabotage Jung Soo' product launch.
At the start Jin Hoo is telling JS that he wants to buy her a smart dress for her to wear at the launching the day after next, and we see her trying on that very sophisticated red number that she's been shown wearing in some BTS stills while JH admires the result.
We also see Soo Ho telling KH very emphatically that she isn't his daughter, in a way that suggests that in the meantime she's been trying to claim that she is.
JS is seen rushing in some alarm to what looks like a hotel and/or wedding hall (there's a white wreath by the entrance of the sort normally marking the venue of an engagement or wedding ceremony) and apparently being told, presumably by the manager of the place, that whatever it is she's come to talk about has already been settled earlier.
We glimpse evil manager giving treacherous Ara a slip of paper with a phone number on it and a message which she's to claim is on JS's behalf, then we see Ara duly making a call with a shifty look on her face. The editing makes it look as though she's calling JS, but what JS actually says on the phone, in the presence of JH who now seems to be installed as member of her design team, suggests this is some time later, and that she's learning to her astonishment that the bags to be displayed at the launching have been dispatched to the hotel where the Shinwha-Alberto rival launch has been scheduled for the same hour, presumably on the instructions of Ara pretending to be her. That's the apparent reason for her expression at the end (which I bet will be the freeze frame for the final cliffhanger on Monday...) "

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