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New notice about Kim Jeong Hoon's mini fanmeeting 2014.12.21

They have a Korean AND English notice this time, nice!
Time to participate, overseas fans ^^

"Hello, this is Mersenne Entertainment

Due to the love and attention of our fans, we have been able to register 100 people on a first come first serve basis for the

Fan-meeting event that will be held on December 21, 2014.

Although the event will be held at a moderately-sized location, considering the enthusiasm everyone has shown us,

we have decided to utilize the event location to its full capacity and open 50 additional spots for the Fan-meeting event.

For the additional 50 spots, we will not place any restrictions on where you are coming from - domestic or overseas.

We really hope that both domestic and overseas fans can enjoy this opportunity.

The deadline for the additional 50 spots is Friday, December 5th at 12:00pm - Korean local time - and we require all fans to send the

following information to our email address:

Name (required)

Contact information

Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)

Email address (required)

We will send an e-ticket once we receive the applications on a first come first serve basis. The tickets will be sent out after the deadline

of Friday, December 5th.

The event will be identical for all fans who receive the e-ticket, regardless of your application date.

Thank you very much and we also apologize for the limited number of tickets due to the size of the location of our event."


By the way, his Korean homepage has just been revamped, and it looks amazing!

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