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[Vid] Adorable video of JH speaking English

He was nervous, but the short English words he uttered were so cute ^^
This is the translation of what they said during the Korean Fanmeeting on Dec 21st:

Question from fan : "From Thai fans
When will you have fan meeting in
Thailand ?"

JH : "Ahh.. Thailand.
( He had greeting in Thai "sawatdii khrap" and pray as Thai people. So good. )
I also wants to have fan meeting in
Thailand, Taiwain , China and
everywhere. But there is something that
is complicated in the progress that we
don't know. So fan meeting is
progressed but sometimes cancelled.
As soon as possible(ASAP) I will have
fan meeting in Thailand.
Asia Meeting. Good ? O.K. ?"

Credit to Kim Jeong Hoon Interfans ( Thailand )


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