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KJH Shows Off Taekkyon Skills at Mwave’s MEET&GREET

Kim Jeong Hoon is back with a new album after seven years away from the K-Pop spotlight, and the singer and actor stopped by Mwave’s MEET&GREET to chat with fans who have been anxiously awaiting his return.


Following promotions for his album 5091, Kim Jeong Hoon is set to star in action drama City of the Sun, a Korean remake of a Japanese drama, and Kim Jeong Hoon divulged details on the upcoming project.

Filming for the drama will kick off mid-August, but Kim Jeong Hoon gave fans a sneak peek, most notably showing off his Taekkyon (a traditional form of the martial art Taekwondo) skills.

He prefaced the demonstration by stating, “I can’t do it well, because your pelvis has to be completely flexible. Your legs have to stretch at least 180 degrees. I’m not very flexible, so a stunt double will probably do a lot of the stunts.”

Check out Kim Jeong Hoon’s moves below!


[Exclusive Video] Kim Jeong Hoon Talks Making of ‘The Day’ MV on Mwave’s MEET&GREET


Following a comeback seven years in the making, Kim Jeong Hoon swung by Mwave’s MEET&GREET, where he opened up about his new album 5091 and the making of the music video for lead single The Day.


During the music video commentary segment of the live MEET&GREET, Kim Jeong Hoon revealed the music video was filmed with a high speed camera, and the result is the reel being played at normal speed.

The Day may be a pleasant ballad, but Kim Jeong Hoon revealed lip syncing to the sped up version during the shoot proved to be a difficult task.

During the show, Kim Jeong Hoon also alluded to comments that he hasn’t aged at all over the years, stating “How is my voice still the same? I find that to be stranger. I thought my voice would age, but it’s exactly the same as my 20s.”

Re-watch The Day music video with Kim Jeong Hoon below!

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