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김정훈(Kim Jeong Hoon), 이종범, 장동민 to join tvN's "The Genius 3"

Some good new:
Kim Jeong Hoon, Lee Jong Beom ang Jang Dong Min will join the reality show "The Genius" Season 3 of tvN.
And more of GOOD news: this show usually have English subs !! :-D

If you're wondering what this show is like, take a look at soompi introduction:

"The Genius is a Korean reality game where 13 people compete in games that test their logical thinking and social skills. There is a total of 12 rounds (or 12 episodes). In order to win, one must have a great strategy that will make him or her survive. Every episode one person gets eliminated and the final victor will be named the champion.

The currency in this game is called a garnet. Each garnet is worth 1,000,000 won. By the end, the champion's garnets are exchanged for real money. It may be provided before the game or gained within the game.

Each round will have a Main Match and a Death Match. All players participate in the Main Match where a winner and an elimination candidate is determined. The winner is given immunity. The elimination candidate will then have to choose another person without immunity to go to the Death Match with him or her. The Death Match will then take place and the loser gets eliminated in the round and his or her garnets will be given to the winner of the Death Match.

Members (of Season 2):

Yoo Junghyun
Lee Sangmin
Eun Jiwon
Noh Hongchul
Lim Yohwan
Hong Jinho
Kim Jaekyung
Lee Dahye
Jo Yooyoung
Lee Eungyeol
Lim Yoonsun
Nam Heejong
Lee Doohee "


I certainly wish that Jeong Hoon will survive in this "brutal" game :D

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