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KJH Prepares for ‘MEET&GREET’ in Special B-Cut Footage

[Exclusive B-Cut Video] Kim Jeong Hoon Prepares for ‘MEET&GREET’ in Special B-Cut Footage


"A man of many talents, Kim Jeong Hoon dropped by Mwave′s MEET&GREET, and here′s what went on behind the scenes before show time!

Wanting to be sure he knows what he′s doing at his MEET&GREET, which was on July 31, Kim Jeong Hoon attentively listened to our staff explain the process. He also shared his story through an interview, before he nervously, but also excitedly greeted all of you!

Make sure to check out Kim Jeong Hoon′s MEET&GREET again!"

By the way,
his full online fanmeeting has been uploaded on youtube by Mwave, 5 parts
don't forget to check it ^^

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