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Kim Jeong-Hoon’s cameo performance on Chinese "Dad, Where are we going?"

"A singer-turned-actor ‘Kim Jung-Hoon’ and ‘Jang-Kwang’ are going to perform as cameos in Chinese movie with producing team of Chinese [Dad! Where are we going?]

On the 27th, a person related to both broadcastings announced that ‘Kim Jung-Hoon’ is going to show a cameo performance in the derivative movie of Chinese [Dad, Where are we going?]: [Dad’sholiday].

‘Sung Dong-Il’ and his son, ‘Sung Joon’ have already decided to appear on this film before, and all of them will be appearing as cameos while the shooting takes place in Korea.

‘Wang Yue-Lun’, who will direct the movie, mentioned about these castings on his weibo and raised people’s expectancy.

Actor ‘Kim Jung-Hoon’ / Photo = Reporter ‘Hong Bong-Jin’

Reporter : Kim Mi-Hwa

Translator : Cho Ah-Ra"


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