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[Engsub]Episode 6 of Her legend: Link and summary

English subs of episode 6 :

Caps from twinkle_0120 nim, as tag

Summary of ep 6, by baduy at :

"Another tremendous episode today, with far too much to summarize here, although this time I think a lot of it won't be so guessable from the raw's as yesterday's events were, especially since the text preview turned out to be pretty useless.

Just a quick starter about what those two visits to Jung Soo's stall right at the start were about. Do Jin Hoo (Kim Jeong Hoon) came to tell her that the 'compensation' he wanted for the wrecking of his tablet case was not the cash to buy a replacement, but for JS to design and hand craft him another that would be equally fine in its materials, design and execution as that ultra-expensive item and which, crucially, -- and here's where he leaves himself scope to have a lot of flirty fun which he exploits for the rest of the episode -- has to be one he really likes. JS is confident enough to believe she has a chance of matching the quality of design and execution, but she protests that she has no idea of what he's going to like. But, he counters, an intuition about what will appeal to people is an essential qualification of a luxury goods designer, so if she really has what it takes, she should be able to manage that requirement, too. Naturally, when she hands over her creation, he pretends not to like it ... and she's taken in. In fact he's overwhelmed by both her design sense and artisan skills, but he's not going to let her know that just yet.

Kang Min Ki, her second visitor in short order, has sought her out to plead with her not to be discouraged by what happened at the interview. He assures her that the design sense she showed in her portfolio was truly outstanding, and that what sank her was the disaster over the material samples. But he says that if a similar opportunity arises, she must go for it with full confidence, because she's proved to him, at any rate, that she's got what it takes, no matter how flawed her resumé may appear to be. That cheers her up no end --- and helps her to put her best effort into her allnighter making the replacement cover for MK's rival (ie. Do Jin Ho). I guess there are lot more situations like this coming our way where this triangle is concerned. (Given Kyung Hee's nasty personality and that Min Ki is once-bitten by her already, I doubt whether there's any chance of this triangle turning four-cornered, though it won't be for want of trying on KH's scheming part).

Today, Kyung Hee, desperate to get her adoptive family, and Do Yeong especially, away from the beach villa before Jung Soo shows up for one of her regular visits to the nearby shore in the hope of DY finally keeping that 'promise', makes her move by appealing to her father to get them a place in Seoul, ostensibly so that she won't have to spend so much time away from Do Yeong commuting to and from the island every day, and Do Yeong will be closer to the specialist hospitals. Again, she gets away with it by playing the 'devotion to Do Yeong' card. But it remains to be seen what her 'father' will think if an occasion arises where KH's true selfish motives can't be so easily masked as concern for DY's well-being... "

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