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[Engsub]Episode 7 Her legend: Link and Summary

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Kyung Hee's cunning scheme is to admit to Jeong Soo who she is, but to explain that what happened is: while studying in America she met her current adoptive parents and hit it off so well with them that they wanted to adopt her. But they made it condition of that adoption that she forget all about her natural family, even if and when she returned to Korea. JS asks in shock whether KH's parents didn't know about this. KH replies with a superior smile that of course they knew all about it, since their legal consent was required, but they accepted it for KH's good. And she adds with a sneer, "You mean they never told you about it?" implying that supposedly keeping JS in the dark in that way shows they don't really regard her as family, and that thought clearly hurts JS. (It's that hurt in particular, rather than just shock at recognizing KH that JS is showing when Min Ki meets her in the corridor and which makes him want to comfort her).

Do Young (the kind lady who lost her memory), working in the yard, has a blurred recollection of Jeong Soo and herself talking about "their tree" whereupon she makes two separate but equally urgent calls to KH, some time apart. The first call, which arrives just as KH has finished her successful presentation, is to ask her help to pin the memory down. DY asks can she tell her what a reference to "her and Jeong Soo's tree" might be about?" This sends KH into a panic. We see her driving frantically to the seaside villa and then running up into the woods behind the house, accompanied by a voiceover of her calling Jeong Soo to ask whether there was any "special tree near that lady's beach house." Jeong Soo can't think of one (we realize why in a moment) but as she races up into the woodlands KH is telling herself that this "special" tree must have some sort of marker, and she's simply got to find its location before her ignorance of what must have been an important memory gives the game away. She's just found one false positive, a tree that is indeed marked, but has nothing to do with Jeong Soo, when DY calls her cellphone again. We see, but KH doesn't, that DY is sitting in her studio, and when we hear her say (paired with the right video segment this time) that she's "found their tree" we see that she's talking about a picture. We also see how terrified KH is, because she guesses that she's going to be expected to know all about this tree, but she hasn't a clue. And to complete her woes, DY adds "I'm obviously getting all my memories back piece by piece" which provides the cliffhanger line.

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