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[Engsub]Episode 8 of Her legend: Link and Summary

Watch online episode 8 with english subs:

Summary of Ep 8 :

Jin Hoo's grandfather arranges for him to meet a potential marriage partner, and though he dutifully goes along to the meeting, his heart isn't in it..

When Kyung Hee realizes that Do Yeong's memories are gradually returning, the anxiety makes her ill and she takes to her bed [This was presumably the scene in last Tuesday's teaser where KH woke up in her bed at the villa to find her real mother at her bedside, maybe summoned by DY]

Kyung Hee sees a photo attached to her vanity table mirror and asks "Who's that?". Then she turns the photo over and sees to her horror "My darling Mommy" written on the back, and too late realizes it must have been a photo of Jeong Soo's biological mother. The voice-over seems to be DY talking to herself, or maybe, later, to her husband, saying "Seo Hyeon is really strange. Fancy her not recognizing her own mother!".

Do Young had already been wondering about the tree picture, especially after KH, looking very shifty, said of course she knew what she meant about their trees when she got the first call asking about the matter, but she pretended not to remember in case the recollection hurt DY too much. DY can tell that explanation makes no sense, but KH's subsequent failure to recognize her mother's photo, instead of strengthening DY's suspicions, only confirms her belief that KH must have been so mentally scarred by the accident and its consequences that she erased all memories of her time with DY, and has only been pretending to remember a past she''d actually forgotten.

So her adoptive parents gently suggest she ought to see a psychiatrist, and she then "admits" that she remembers nothing at all about her childhood before the accident, thus making herself safe from and future memory-gap embarrassments and also making Do Young feel guilty about never realising that KH had supposedly suffered a similar memory loss to her own, but had been keeping that a secret all these years so as not to worry Do Young.

Yoo Ara (the team member with the "addiction" to luxury goods who is a regular at Jeong Soo's friend's hire store) copies a bag design from JS and presents it at a product showing, and although JS confronts her about it, Ara wickedly shifts the blame back on to JS, who is powerless to say anything.

The reason KH today persuaded Min Ki to keep quiet about Yoo Ara stealing 'her' winning design from JS was that it would be a deadly blow for the firm's prestige if it emerged that the winning design at the product show (which was attended by major industry figures) had been by a part-timer and that one of their staff designers had been so incompetent that she had to steal from such a source. MK doesn't like KH's logic or her ethics, but he knuckles under for the project's sake and lets things rest.

The younger designer who witnessed what happened went to Min Ki without letting anyone else, including JS, know she'd done so, and MK, after getting nowhere with KH, doesn't let on he knows the truth to JS either when he visits her at her street stall, though when he spots the stolen design in her notebook he has a pang of sympathy and remorse.

While Jin Hoo is on his boring "blind date", KH texts JH to ask would he like to be "rescued" from his blind date, and when he takes up the offer, she comes over pretending to be an old Japanese flame of his, and he replies in Japanese. They both assume that his date doesn't understand Japanese, so they think they can have a bit of fun at her expense, but she gets her own back by revealing that she understood every word and knows how disrespectfully she's been treated.

After which, Jin Hoo, believing, as does everyone else, including Min Ki, that Kyung Hee's absence from work was due to occupational exhaustion, decides, as he thinks, to be nice to her by driving her to the spot where she lied to him about liking to come for the view of the river when she was feeling stressed. He is puzzled to discover that being taken to that spot just outside her old house (though he of course doesn't know that's where it is, or the true reason he saw her there once before) has precisely the opposite effect. Then the other car and its occupants arrives...

In one of next week's episodes, the uncle goes to let JS's father in on what's happened after JS gets fired.

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