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[Eng]Ep 3 & Ep 4 Her legend with engsubs

Ep 3 engsubs:
Ep 4 engsub :

A little bit of summary, from soompi fans, to help you understand the story:

Spoiler ahead

Episode 3:

Do Yeong (the kind ajumma) was said to have only a slight chance of recovery from her coma and even then to be likely to remain in a vegetative state. Jong Wook (her husband) decides to take her to the States as soon as possible (against the advice of his Korean doctor friend, who doesn't think she's fit to travel) where he has a better chance of effective treatment. He explains to Jeong Soo (Choi Jeong Won) 's uncle and aunt that, though he knows how attached his wife was to Jeong Soo, he simply can't cope with bringing up a child when he needs to give all his attention to his wife, and he doesn't think it would be fair on Jeong Soo either. But he promises to provide handsomely for Jeong Soo's education and says that she can join them as soon as his wife recovers enough to be a mother to her (though he doesn't really think such a recovery is likely, so he would feel he was deceiving Jeong Soo if he took her back with him.)

Evil Aunt, of course, diverts the remittances that were meant for Jeong Soo into an account she keeps secret from her husband and tells her husband and Jeong Soo that Jong Wook has not kept his promises of financial support and that Jeong Soo is lucky to get anything at all, even a roof over her head and food to eat. The most she will concede beyond that is that Jeong Soo is allowed to go to school. One day, hearing from her uncle about the family tradition of bag making and her mother's talent at it before she was thrown out for getting pregnant, she tells him she wants to learn how to design and make bags herself, and by her mid teens she is successfully selling her own wares at flea markets while still in high school.

One day, she is challenged by an arrogant and contemptuous teenage male who claims the bag she is showing as her best creation to date is an obvious rip-off of one created by Shinwha Fashions, a firm he is connected with (but we aren't yet told who he is). Indigant, she retrieves a date-stamped photo of herself with that bag taken immediately after she first made it and travels to Seoul to find her accuser and make him back down. To her amazement, she finds in the Shinwha Fashions display window exactly the same bag, although in the very latest range, and apparently designed after she had made hers. She sees now why it looked as though she had stolen the design, and she decides not to stay and argue the point. Instead, she cheekily glues the date-stamped picture of herself and the bag on to the Shinwha display window and goes away.

Jeong Soo has been regularly going to Do Yeong's house, letting herself in with a key Do Yeong once showed her was hidden under a flower pot (trusting folk, these Korean island dwellers, not to mention astonishingly uninterested in either renting out their high-value vacant property or stopping random teenagers from entering and leaving it as they fancy), recalling all the good times she had there and every time sticking a new post-it note on the wall recording her latest news. She has also been writing regularly to Do Yeong, although never getting any acknowledgement or reply.

One day, she gets a package from the States, and on opening it she finds there all the letters she wrote to Do Yeong over the years, still unopened. An accompanying note, in Korean, informs her that they have been regularly delivered to the address of someone living in New York who had no idea of whom they were meant for, and is now (remarkably belatedly) returning them to sender. A flashback reveals that shortly after Jong Wook took his wife back to the states, Kyeong Hee tampered with a note on which Jong Wook had written his address for Jeong Soo, altering it to the completely wrong address where the letters all ended up. So, thanks to the evil Aunt and her horrible daughter, Jeong Soo thinks Jong Wook has abandoned her, and Jong Wook thinks Jeong Soo never bothered to even thank him for all the money he thought he was giving her.

It's time to make plans for Kyeong Hee to go to College, and her mother shows her the bank book with all the cash she's squirrelled away over the years that was meant for Jeong Soo, But then Evil Aunt gets a call out of the blue from Jong Wook, telling her Do Yeong has made a sudden and remarkable recovery, apart from a significant degree of memory loss, which doctors think may be overcome if she can re-establish a link with her past in the form of Jeong Soo. He wants Jeong Soo to come to the States to join them immediately. Evil Aunt is in despair at the thought that the fact that she's misappropriated all that money will come to light and Kyong Hee's study funds will disappear. She tries to play for time, but Jong Wook sends his private secretary to Korea to bring Jeong Soo straight back with him, leaving that same day if possible The secretary arrives at the house when only the aunt is there, and insists the Jeong Soo must come with him without further delay, because she represents the one hope of getting Do Yeong's memories back. Realising that Do Yeong has no recollection of Jeong Soo's appearance or personality, and that Jong Wook saw the younger Jeong Soo only very briefly, a long time ago and when his mind was very much on other things, Evil Aunt thinks of her evil scheme. Kyeong Hee get backs home from school ahead of Jeong Soo, and the aunt introduces her to the secretary as the Jeong Soo he's come to fetch...

Episode 4 :

At the planning meeting of Shinwha group, Do Jin Ho (Kim Jeong Hoon) come up with the idea that they needed an injection of new thinking to make the new product line a success, and they weren't going to get it from the people round the table who are all products of top fashion or management schools, all trained to think along the same tracks. (We see that doesn't go down at all well with Kyeong Hee.) So Jin Ho's radical very "un-Korean" suggestion is that they bypass recruitment by academic background or paper qualification altogether and make a place on the design team for someone who is to be selected on the basis of anonymous submission of a design portfolio and examples of their work, in a completely open competition with no restrictions whatever on the background of the entrants. Kyeong Hee is also visibly not keen on that idea either, but she pretends to think it's wonderful because she is relentlessly sucking up to Jin Ho, whom she decided to lead to the altar the very first moment he was pointed out to her at the funeral of Jong Woo's
father as the heir apparent of Shinwha.

Only evil aunt and Kyeong Hee and her father know that she's going out to be adopted by Do Yeong. They tell Jeong Soo and her male cousin that Kyeong Hee is going to study in the States on the proceeds of her mother's savings, supplemented by a scholarship gained by her academic attainments. That's why Jeong Soo suspects nothing when on the eve of her departure, Kyeong Hee starts to grill her about the time with the rich "ajumma" so she can build a tissue of false memories. Of course, she goes one better by stealing all the returned letters and appropriating the memories and attitudes they contain on the plane, also in the process depriving Jeong Soo of the key to the seaside house, though Kyeong Hee doesn't realize what that key was until years later. And that's why Jeong Soo is so astonished when she catches a glimpse of Do Yeong at the airport: as far as she knows, Do Yeong never came out of her coma, and Kyeong Hee worked her own way through college, then thought herself too good for her family and so broke ties with them. She doesn't know that Do Yeong adopted her. "

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