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Pics from drama "Tiptoe to kiss love"

Jeong Hoon's new Chinese drama, which will release in 2012:

Credit as tag, and collected by junghoonchina


2011.9.12 Drama "Tiptoe" debut banquet

Here is our Jeong Hoon, as youthful and beautiful as ever <3

Credit to China fans, as tagged on pics

Watch video, he sang Tonghua:


[Engsub]2011.8.25 Sina Interview with KJH

In fact it was an interview of Sina Entertainment with the cast of “Tiptoe to Kiss Love”, JH's new Chinese drama which will start shooting soon.

English Translation by
Translation by wann
Proofreading by Pado Chou
Subbing: alexx


Report about JH concert Sep 5th

[2011.09.05] Nagoya Live and Talk
Report by piggy88 @junghoonchina

"I have never thought that I would write the journal.

After all, there is not much to say... I have no ideas what the conversation was between John-Hoon and the DJ Christine. But since this is my very first experience, do it anyway.

Arriving at Nagoya on the evening of September 4 then checked in the hotel and waited for the 'big day'. The next day, c-san and I agreed to meet at her hotel at noon. Due to I am a direction blind, I left the hotel around 9:30. go to the airport to check how early I need to check in on the 6th. Then took the train to Nagoya station to meet c-san. Got there around 11 am. A little bit ahead of time. Went into an electronic store to see if I could buy an MP3 recorder. Luckily I found a pretty good one. Then I remembered I would not be able to charge it and I could not read the manual either. The gave up. After finding c-san and having lunch together, we were heading to our destination.

We got there around a quarter to two. While we were looking for washroom sign, a group of men walked by with a photographer at the front. I was thinking who else also had an event here. c-san called out: John-hoon. I ran after them. One of the men stopped me. I could only see the side of him. The hair colour did not look that light in person. Then we took a seat at the lobby to wait. Suddenly people all ran to the front. we followed them. People started lining up in the lobby. Later the the security took us to the courtyard of Congress Centre to line up there instead. We went into the shopping area in small groups. By the time of our turn, one set of the photos has been sold out. Then we lined up to pay and to get the poster from the first album. Again lined up to enter the concert hall. We got pretty good seat. I was quite worried if c-san could take video since we were at the front row of the second section. But she was very good at it. Looking forward for the recording...

The lights in the hall were out and the lights on the stage went on. It showed a huge John-Hoon behind the curtains. When the curtains were up, the real John-hoon in black suit with a checker scarf appeared in front of us. He looked a lot slimmer than the korean drama. The hair colour looked lighter on the stage. Everybody screamed. The first song was Taboo. I liked it a lot.

Talk with Christine
2. Blue moon
3. Korean song... (don't know the name)

Talk with Christine
Took off the jacket.
4. You don't belong to me
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Changed in another dark jacket.
6. True Love
7. Special Song

Talk with Christine
8. To Her

Then he waved goodbye... pretending. Changed in white shirt and came out again...
1. 僕らなりの詩
2. シリウス "


KJH Interview translation

The Thailand Interview on my post below ^^

KJH and Ging shoot documentary 
and record song together for recall the Korean war


Kim Jeong Hoon, The South Korean famous handsome singer and actor who disappeared from his fans for 2 years.
After he discharged from military service at the beginning of this year he came back to work in entertainment industry immediately.
The latest, he's one of artist who's chosen to attend the special project of KBS for shooting
the documentary to recall Korean and other country’s soldiers who sacrificed for the Korean War in 1950.
Kim Jeong Hoon shooted some part in Korea before he've come to shoot this documentary in Thailand.
Moreover he has invited Ging, Muanpair Panaboot who’s Thailand artist representative to go to shoot at the Korean war national memorial in Chonburi province on 29 August 2011.
In this project he’ll show his ability to compose a song by himself. Ging’ll go to Korea for recording this song with him and visit The United national memorial at Busan in this September.
This documentary’ll be broadcasted in October.

On 30 August 2011at GMM Grammy place building, Korean staff shooted KJH and Ging that work together.
In the morning part, to shoot about Ging and her ability in musical for broadcast and introduce herself at Korea.
For the afternoon part, The press interviewed KJH and Ging about the first time which they’ve worked together.


KJH : " sawaddee krab pom shue kim jeong hoonkrab" in Thai, meaning “Hello my name is Kim Jeong hoon.
Ging : “sawaddee ka Ging ka” in Thai, meaning “hello I’m Ging.”

How about your feeling to work together ? (translate onlyKJH part)
KJH : I've just discharged from military service lately and haven’tcome to visit Thailand for long time about 4-5 years.
It my great honor to participatein this meaningful special project and collaborate with khun Ging who's a verybeautiful Thai singer.
Other than Thailand, you must go to other country forshooting or not?
KJH : For me, I was chosen to be a representative for the part between Thailand and Korea.
This documentary made by KBS. There is another one who'll go to shoot in Turkey or other country.
I'm just a representative in Thailand.

Could you tell us about occurrence during shooting?
KJH : Before I came to Thailand, I went to shoot at the United national memorial in Busan.
This place's established for the soldiers who attend to Korean War.
When I come to Thailand, I and khun Ging go to Chonburi province where keep the body of war’s veterans.
Then visit, interview and talk with people at the war’s veteran village. In this project I compose a song about peace, you’ll listen it soon.

Why will you compose a song by yourself?
KJH : I only compose in lyric part, for melody part someone composed it already.
I was learnt to compose song when I’ve stayed in Japan, during studied JapaneseI also learned to compose song.
I enjoy it and then I often practice to compose song.

Will you have any public benefit activity like this againin the future?
KJH: It’s the first time that I work in project about military and war.
It’s a very meaningful project for me. Because I’ve just discharged from military service.
It’s my pleasure and great honor to attend this project.
In the future if there are some good project like this I would like to do it again.

How do you feel after shooting this documentary?
KJH : Yesterday, I went to shoot at the war memorial in Chonburi province and go to the museum where described about the war and soldiers who attended the war .
Then I go to visit war’s veteran village. When I go this place I feel sad and feel sorry that they must live in condition like this !
but when I saw the soldiers live happily with their children and family, I feel happy too.
If there is something that I can help I would like to do it. I wish in the future is no war happen again.

At the present war are happened around the world, in your opinion how thisdocumentary can help?
KJH : While one side of the world is peaceful but the another side, there are many people died from war.
Although Korea don’t have war at this moment but it has a chance to happen all the time.
I would like everyone to know that the war is not happened only other countries in the world but maybe happen in our country.
When I’m in military service, I learned that soldier is not who fight in the war but they have the duty to protect the nation.
So I would like everyone known and realized about war and peace of the world.


Translate by pangphoon and friends.


JH's project in Thailand 2011 August

Below is an interview with Jeong Hoon and a Thai singer, taking place this week.
Her name is Ging.
"She is from a girlgroup called G-members.
She said, she was happy because it was the first time for her to get a chance to talk with Kim Jeong Hoon.
They were going to talk about the project that was about the relation between Thailand and South Korea.

It was about the Korean war.
Thailand sent many soldiers to help South Korea.
There are monuments in both Chonburi, Thailand and Pusan, South Korea.
Both monuments make people realize the relation between Thailand and South Korea.
UN built the one in Pusan to bury the soliders who died during the war.
And this is only place that UN set it up to represent freedom (liberty) place.
Kim Jeong Hoon and she were also composing a song, they are thinking of adding the content of love and friendship because
they had talked to Korean soldiers."

Credit: Wong @Junghoonchina
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