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Kim Jeong Hoon And Jeon So Min Visit the ‘Late Night Restaurant’

Actor Kim Jeong Hoon and Jeon So Min raise curiosity with their visual romance

By Sora Kim


"On the upcoming episode of SBS drama ‘Late Night Restaurant,’ Kim Jung Hoon and Jeon So Min will appear together. Still cuts have been released, raising the anticipation of viewers.

In the pictures, Kim Jung Hoon and Jeon So Min shake hands and seem to be happy to see one another. Another photo shows them looking at each other in the alleyway of the late night restaurant, bringing curiosity as to their relationship and romance.

According to the producers, “Kim Jung Hoon and Jeon So Min completed filming with their stunning visuals and top chemistry, surprising the staff. Even though the two actors worked together for the first time, they perfectly showed a cute couple as if they already knew each other. Please anticipate the story they will bring to ‘Late Night Restaurant.’

Meanwhile, the two episodes set to air on August 15 has been pushed back because of the extension of the ‘8 o’clock News’ for the 70th anniversary of Gwangbokjeol, so the 13th and 14th episode will air at 12:20."

(photo by Baramibunda)

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