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John Hoon casted in new Korea-Japan movie

Yayh, it's a Korea-Japan collaboration movie named "Tears! Light of the moon".
On 10th Mar his office Mersenne Entertainment has announced that John Hoon is casted as the male protagonist of that movie.


Rough translation:

"Tears! Light of the moon "is a Korean modern adaptation of the original "Golden Demon ". A love story is included. Kim Jeong-hoon will be co-starring with Japanese actors.

Director Oikawa Takuro said "Kim Jeong-hoon has gained steadily popularity as a Hallyu star for 10 years, he has high level of understanding for the Japan-Korea cultural world, warm charming character image, a calm and love to work guy. He fits the movie, by all means we wanted to cast him".

This movie is produced to celebrate the Korean normalization of diplomatic relations 50th anniversary, Korean simultaneous premiere days are scheduled at the beginning of next year.

Kim Jung-hoon is currently in China for the shooting of China drama "God of War Zhao Zilong", acting together with SNSD's Yoona. After finishing the shooting at the end of March, he'll prepare for the concert tour "SONG FOR YOU" of Japan Debut 10th Anniversary across Japan , then he'll push forward in earnest shooting movies in Shizuoka.

Translated by KJH English site

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