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Report about Towa event in Busan

Report from a fan who attended the event:

"I finally came to Busan after all those time I'd spent in Seoul.
If you ask me what Busan looks like, honestly, I don't know.
All I can remember is the sweated hair on Jeong Hoon's forehead ^__^

It was a warm day, not so hot, perfect for sports.
We departed at 11:40 from the hotel, but at 13:30 we were still queuing outside of the gymnasium.
Fans were divided in 4 teams: T, O, W, A
with color Red, Orange, Yellow, Green.
I'm in Yellow team, I was all covered in a long large yellow T-shirt, looking myself like a banana :D

Suddenly I heard other fans screaming and jumping.
I knew that Jeong Hoon had come. I ran to their direction, just in time to see Jeong Hoon waving to fans and entered a training room.
He wore a dazzlingly green coat, green shoes, and his whole pretty face just dazzled my eyes ~

(Photo from Mr Tomoki Fujiwara, MC of the event)

Then another 30 minutes of queuing..
When we and Jeong Hoon had all entered the gymnasium, the MC started the event and order us to do some warm-up exercises with him.
Jeong Hoon stood behind his back, doing the warm-up obediently.

(Photo from )

They introduced 4 Team leaders, who are staff of Jeong Hoon.
My team has Jae Eun ssi (Jeong Hoon's manager) as our leader.
He's tall and handsome but was utterly useless. My team lost many points because of him :D

But Green team next to us didn't fare better.
Their leader, Go Miho ssi (Jeong Hoon's driver) did a lot of silly things ! ^^
At one point, Jeong Hoon pretended to slap him :))

1st game: Tossing hoops onto a stake
It's a difficult game, but the player of my team could toss 2 hoops onto the stake. Hura!
At the end of the day she was chosen as "Best player among fans".
As for Jeong Hoon? He didn't get any hoop right. Poor boy ~~

2nd game: Throwing balls into a basket
All team members participated in this game.
It wasn't basketball at all !
We're just throwing little tiny balls into a big basket. Nothing heavy or hard.
Each team succeeded at throwing about 200 balls into the basket. So you can imagine it.
But Jeong Hoon still missed nearly all of his throws: almost none of his balls got into the basket. How amazing *_^

3rd game: turning the cards
Basically it was a cat-fight between fans. I lost all my cards to other fans :D

I'd thought we would have played with Jeong Hoon, but in fact we fans just played against each other,
with Jeong Hoon walking around leisurely as he had nothing to do.
He got so bored, sometimes he was just laying down on the floor ^^

(Photo from )

4th game: tug of war.
My team won.

5th game: finding things
This is where the fun began, at least for me.
Jeong Hoon and 4 Team leaders had to memorize a list of things, and find them in the shortest time.
So, my Team leader came to us, and ask for "hand cream".
I took a small tube of hand cream out of my bag, I was about to give it to him,
but then, I saw Jeong Hoon standing nearby.
He was also asking fans to find things.
I turned to Jeong Hoon immediately.
Who care about a team leader when Jeong Hoon was there!

Jeong Hoon asked for "hand cream" too.
I showed him my cream tube. It was as small as a finger.
He wasn't sure of it, so he asked me again "Hand cream?"
and he rubbed his hands to describe it. I nodded "Yes".
But the tube was so patheticly tiny that he hesitated to take it.

Then, another fan appeared and showed him a bigger, prettier tube of hand cream.
He chose her, but he thought about me for a second,
and he realized he would need something else.
So he nodded to me and took me into his team. Yeah~~

We came to the stage, and the MC checked the finding list for all teams.
Hankerchief, card, ring, earring, necklace,...
Each time he called out a thing in Korean or Japanese, a fan would stand up to present that thing.

Then MC called for "glasses", that was what I wore, but I didn't understand the words.
Jeong Hoon didn't bother to speak English with me,
he just gently grabbed my arm and pulled me to stand up. Mmmm ^_^  I can live a life with that ~

6th game: running race.
My team leader had the longest legs, but he ran the slowest among all staffs.

Jeong Hoon ran quite quick, like a deer :)

Final result:
Red team won.
If not for Jae Eun ssi, my Yellow team would have been able to win too :D

In the evening we had a TOWA quizz, then Jeong Hoon sang "Pado".
He was about to do the dancing movements of the song, but then he got too shy.

He gave an authographed photo to each fan.
The winning team got a different photo from the other 3 teams:

When at my turn, Jeong Hoon gave me his photo and smiled widely to me, his eyes glittering.
That is the best prize for me that no medal can compare ^^ "

From 알렉스 san
Thank you for sharing the report


  1. OMG! Seriously my dear I envy you a loootttt!!! Too bad I'm in the Philippines, can't even attend his events. Jeong-Hoon doesn't have much fans here as well so I am seriously alone and can't talk to anyone who might be interested with him as well. :(


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